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August Heat

Good evening all! Not a lot happening on the farm this week. I guess it’s just too hot. So hot actually, they delayed the start of school for a few days. Haven’t seen rain here in seems like months. We get plenty of clouds and even lightning and thunder, but no rain. During my grandfather’s younger farming years he and the ASCS folks built a spring fed concrete watering trough and until recently I had never seen it dry. Our horses sure seemed happy to see us putting in a poly tub by the water spicket. They were delighted to have all the fresh cool water they wanted for a change. It was funny seeing them swish it around in their mouths and stick their heads down under the water. It is a shot of encouragement to see the animals happy. We had to move our mare and colt to another section of pasture and add some livestock panels by the pond to keep her from being able to walk the edge of the pond to freedom. I used the loader on the Mahindra to drive all the posts. I was so dissapointed today when on my way back from Kingsford, it rained the whole way until about 5 miles from home.

I did take some time one evening to dig up a big oak stump that had been at the corner of the house for a couple years and plant a rose bush in it’s place. I don’t even want to imagine the work the tractor saved on that project. We had decided that the tree had to go due to it’s proximity to the house. It sure brought up some interesting stories. My great uncle Norman used to remove all the stumps he wanted rid of with dynamite. We all chuckled when we recalled the times he had stumps in treetops and all the neighbors ducking for cover. I guess they’d put one in jail for that these days.

Friday my ex-wife asked that I accompany her to her 10-year high school reunion and I obliged. Actually had a pretty nice time. After the reunion which was at Cumberland Falls State Park, we were headed back, when for some reason I felt compelled to stop by Hwy 90 where as kids we used to watch the great train robberies of Tombstone Junction. We talked about our childhood memories of the long gone and forgotten, but once world renowned amusement park. It was great! They used to have gunfights, a steam locomotive, and the best country music acts of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. We both remembered seeing Conway Twitty on the old stage. When we passed the entrance we noticed that it wasn’t blocked as usual so we drove back into the park. It is in ruins, but brought back so many memories.

Saturday my youngest Mattie wanted to go to the horse show put on by the South KY Horseman’s Association. They have a nice outdoor lighted arena in Strunk, KY. We shared a cherry snow cone and watched some friends show their horses. Now Mattie has decided that she should show her horses. So I guess I’m in the market for a good horse trailer.

On Tuesday we plan to go to the livestock market in London, KY. The kids are hoping school will be delayed longer so they can go. We usually meet my only living grandfather Delbert Gay there. We started that purely by fate. The children and I were there one day and he showed up out of the blue. Said he came to watch the horses sell. He hadn’t been on a horse in years – he just wanted to see them sell. When we started talking he decided that we’d just see each other there when I was coming that way. I wish that times were simple like they used to be and families could have each other close, but it just doesn’t seem to be that way anymore. Maybe that’s what they call progress.

I’m hoping to add pictures to the site as time progresses. I’m sure it would help to have faces to put with the stories. Until next time God Bless!

4 Responses to “August Heat”

  1. steven bryant Says:

    Hey I was looking around on here bored and ran across this webpage on altavista when looking for a Mahindra dealer . .anyway I saw your from Pine Knot Ky and kept reading because I’m from Marshes Siding anyway I saw that you have registered Boer Goats do you have any you are looking to sell? If not do you know anyone else in the county with any I bought a couple in Mt Sterling and I am looking to buy somemore hopefully won’t have to drive so far to get them email me or give me a call or (606)310-6065

  2. tractor trailer Says:

    tractor trailer…

    Hi. Very nice blog. I\’ve been reading your other entries all day….

  3. Jennie Says:

    Hey! My husband went to/from Corbin last night via Hwy. 90 and was talking about how our son wants to drive back down and “see” Tombstone Junction. So, can you really get in and take a trip down memory lane? It’s nice to remember when Cumberland Falls/Tombstone Junction was a sufficient vacation! (I found your blog when searching “Tombstone Junction”!!!)

  4. joelw Says:

    tractor trailer,
    Thanks for reading! Glad to have you!

    There is virtually nothing left of Tombstone Junction. I have a few postcards, brochures, etc. and lots of memories, but the actual buildings, train tracks, etc. are all gone. It’s very sad! We are on the other (tombstone) side of the river from I-75 so everything associated with Cumberland Falls has slowly died. There is a huge push here to develop tourism as a source of income instead of the typical manufacturing base. I keep warning folks to remember when we had that and beware of the cycle in the economy that follows with time.
    Glad to have you reading the blog. Feel free to stop by and chat about Tombstone any time!

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