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Finally some rain

We finally got some rain here this week. Unfortunately lots of wind and lightning with it. We fared okay through the storms except it blew over a lot of our late corn and almost all our tomato plants. We got out right after the storm while the ground was still good and wet to stand the tomato cages back up. When they didn’t want to stay we drove t-posts in the ground inside the cages with the bucket on the Mahindra. Some of our neighbors didn’t do so well. Lots of trees were blown over and a barn
lost it’s roof.

While mowing the pasture that most of the horses are in, I found a ground rod from the old oil pumping station sticking up out of the ground. I mow that field 2 or 3 times a year and don’t know how I haven’t hit it with the tractor tire. When I dug around the rod to get it up, I also discovered a broken off utility pole. I guess over the years some of the dirt had washed away around them and they were just starting to show.
I took the tractor bucket and dug down a couple feet around them. Then I hooked a chain around them and pulled them right out.

We didn’t get to go to the livestock market this week like we wanted because school finally started. The kids did pick up 2 new babies from the neighbor though. Pretty little white goats. A boy and a girl. The mother had mastitis and could not provide them with the milk they needed, so we adopted them. The kids feed them every morning and every afternoon with a baby bottle full of Sav-A-Kid. It’s funny to see them running around the yard with baby goats chasing them.

I spent some time the last couple of weeks working on the old poultry barn. My grandfather worked for a company in Cincinnati called Phillip Carry. He brought home the materials to build the barn – or chickenhouse as they are commonly referred to. Luckily he got extra siding, because over the years many of those pieces have been broken. I can’t imagine they still make those stone pieces. Finally got tired of looking at the broken pieces and replaced them. Then gave the barn a nice coat of chocolate chip brown paint and started on the white trim. The kids wanted to join in and I figured it was as good a place as any for them to learn a little about painting. Once I made sure they had old clothes on they each got a brush and some white paint and took off. They got it all over the brown and the ground, but everybody starts somewhere.

Found a little time to dig all our potatoes out of the ground too. I plow them out with the Mahindra and the kids race to see who can get the most in their basket. We have been busy preserving countless tomatoes, beans, corn, squash, apples and berries. Now we have cucumbers, so I guess we’ll make some pickles. Shouldn’t be long until the melons are ripe. The kids are keeping a close eye on them. When we go to water and feed the chickens they walk through the melon patch pecking the biggest ones to see if they’re ripe yet.

Lot’s of work to do, so until next time, stay safe!

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