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Mahindra’s Constant PTO HP Bales Me Out

Wet has been the word for us the past few days. Couldn’t buy the rain when we needed it for the second cutting of hay. Now that it is too late to do much good, we get downpours. Only 2 dry days this week. One of them I spent moving dirt for my neighbor. He’s a retired union machinist that was born and raised here before going to Ohio for work. He’s truly a wealth of knowledge about my descendants. We had been working on the second poultry barn when he came by to visit. He told us a good story about my great Uncle Norman (Pete as we called him). Seems he decided to go into the chicken business. Between him and my Grandpa Virgil, they amassed about 2,000 fryers. It was winter and the only heat in the poultry houses was wood stoves. It got really cold one night, and even with the stoves going full blast the chickens piled on each other in a corner to stay warm. Naturally, several of them suffocated. Pete hired boys in the neighborhood to help him dress all of those birds. Since he was single and knew he wouldn’t need all those birds – he and the boys went door to door giving them away.

I have had several calls this week wanting to know about buying hay. I’ve just had to tell them we’ll see how much there is. To get the most of what little is there, we’ve decided to square bale everything this cutting. That means lots of work and time.
I sure hope my old IH 46 baler holds up. Old square balers can be trouble. I was ready to junk this one until I bought the Mahindra 6000 4WD. Before, I ran it with a MF 135 and it mistied a lot of bales. With the Mahindra it has done great. I attribute it to the constant pto hp. I believe the 135 was not supplying enough hp constantly and causing the misties. We are looking at buying a new square baler this year.
Most likely a MF 1835 or 1837. I like the inline design.

Didn’t get a chance this week to go to the local Mahindra dealer like I wanted. I am afraid I will keep putting off trading tractors until I let the good interest rates get away. My thinking was I’d wait until after the season was over and maybe get a better deal. I’ve always been told you can buy cheaper in the winter.

The children are ready to place their order for some new laying chickens. Eggs seem to be the only thing on the place that consistently makes money. About 8 years ago we were introduced to the Red Star/Golden Comet sex link chicken and they have really performed well. They start laying at only 22 weeks and don’t stop, on half the feed we were feeding other brown egg laying chickens. Mattie and Garett say we need ducks, guineas, and pheasants this time too!

The 2 little baby goats the kids adopted are growing and doing fine. We have put them in a dog kennel in the high grass at the edge of the fence during the days. During one of the downpours this week, Mattie came running to tell me her goats were getting wet. Needless to say I got suckered into going out in the rain to put them back in the barn. In exchange she would help me make peach preserves. I’ll give her credit — although she’s not much help at 5, she hung in there and watched the whole process.

Well, lots to do! Have fun and be safe! Until next time…..

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