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Turning 500

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Got started with the second cutting of hay this week. I had forgotten how labor intensive square baling is. I can certainly understand why so many have gone to rolls. I did give in and roll the 10 acre field here closest to the house. We moved all those rolls into the chickenhouse across the road. I’ve found that, if you can keep them dry, small rolls are almost as good as squares. Almost everyone here has gone away from squares. That leaves a market for them. The old IH baler did pretty good once I got it set. If the weather will hold out for us we’ll do okay on the hay this year.

My dad came down from Owenton, KY for the day to help us in the hay. I usually get the job of baling, but not yesterday. I sure appreciate the help even if it means I have to do more work. Sometime while my dad was baling, the Mahindra 6000 turned over 500 hours. Since we cleaned out the chickenhouse we have room to keep the 6000 in the dry. We are going to have to invest some money in both a building to store machinery/rolled hay and a square baler.

The kids have picked all the small gourds they grew this year and are ready to build a fottershock from corn stalks. That’s kind of a tradition here. We do a fall display of sorts. We have talked about starting an agribuisness venture for the kids. We want to do a pumpkin patch. We’d have a corn maze, hay rides, a petting zoo, and horseback rides. I see these popping up in surrounding counties. We’ve also thought of a U-pick orchard and strawberry patch.

The rain arrived just as the kids got on the porch from the school bus. It was raining in the distance and they were amazed to watch it slowly make it’s way to us. Mattie is almost always sleepy after school and heads for the bedroom for a nap. Garett is usually wild from being tied down all day. Today he headed for the barn to play in the square bales of hay. Kaylee went with her mom to deliver eggs.

We have thinned our goat herd down to 19 grown females. We will be buying another registered male shortly. We’re thinking of getting back in the cattle business too. The children still have their small goats. The 2 they raised on a bottle and the one they saved from the dogs. They named the 2 newest ones Daisy and Duke and settled on Mr. Beveledear on the one we saved from the dogs. They were going to name him belvedear, but changed it to beveledear since the dogs had chewed one of his ears off and really mangled the other.

Well… on that unfortunate note… until next time.

2 Responses to “Turning 500”

  1. Christine Says:

    How do you find time to manage a 170 acre farm with a full time job? Crazy! I love this blog, hope you keep up posting. We live out in Texas and hope to buy some land one day…

  2. joelw Says:

    Well it’s not easy. I depend heavily on my parents, my friends and the children’s mother. It’s worth it though. I’m trying to keep 10 generations of history in our family.

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