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What a view

For the first time in a while I actually took some time to sit on the porch this week and reflect on a full summer. It would seem summer is definitely over for this part of the country. More and more leaves turn and fall, temperatures are only rising into the low 60s and some days are in the 40s. It is time to clean the chimney and stack a tractor bucket of wood by the basement door. The huge oaks and hickorys that keep the place cool in the summer also cool it in the fall and winter. They certainly make it hard to heat. Being outside a lot, I like to keep the inside temperature awfully close to what’s outside, and sometimes I get overruled by the children as to how warm we keep it in the winter. I suspect it will not be long until they will start telling me it’s time to build a fire. In the winter, the children like to heat water on the wood stove for their hot cocoa. Lots of evenings after dark I’m sure will find us with the door open on the wood stove or fireplace watching the fire crack and pop and them enjoying their hot cocoa.

We hope to stain and waterproof the logs and porch on the house this week. I bought the stain a couple weeks ago – just haven’t had the weather to get it put on. We took a few hours on Sunday to spray the logs and porch down with clorox from a garden sprayer to clean them. Then we rinsed them with the garden hose. Now it will take a couple warm days to get them dry enough to stain.

Back in June we had a “rental dwelling” damaged by fire and we have slowly been removing anything we thought could be used again. When I decided we weren’t getting anything worth saving anymore, I used the Mahindra 6000 4WD to tear it down. It was pretty neat. I told the kids I had read about lots of people using their tractor to build their homes, but never one to tear it down. I pushed all the side walls and end walls in first, leaving the corners for support. Then I went back and clipped the corners one by one and then mashed it on over with the loader. After that, I took the loader and dug out one whole end of the foundation to get it to draw the air away from the chicken house and set it on fire.

Well lots to do, better run…… hey – if you have any comments or questions on anything click on “Leave A Response” and drop me a note!

2 Responses to “What a view”

  1. Forrest DeMaria Says:

    hey Mr. Combs,
    good job i really enjoyed your pictures and the story’s take it easy and see you around.

  2. joelw Says:

    Thanks for reading!

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