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Trick or Treat

Last week it was back to warm, dry fall weather. This week it’s going to be back into the 20′s. The warmth provided us with the incentive to get out and do lots of the things we’d been putting off. I took advantage of the temps and got a good coat of stain and preservative on the logs of the house. My buddy Mike came up and helped. It took us most of the day, but we were able to get it all done in one day. Well almost all, I still need to do a little on the porch. I underestimated the amount I would need or I would have gotten it all done. It’s a constant battle to keep up a house this old. I don’t know what we could do to save the house if just one of the logs started to rot.

I had promised a neighbor that I would cut a field of hay for him earlier in the year, but had never gotten to it. He took advantage of the warm weather too. First he just wanted to borrow a couple pieces of equipment to cut it himself. Where he wanted to cut is very steep, so it didn’t take long for him to come back and say his John Deere just wasn’t going to be able to do it. I was up to my armpits in stain – so I loaned him the 6000. I usually don’t loan equipment, but this neighbor has helped me in the past and he is an accomplished operator. I could tell he was impressed with both the Mahindra and the Vermeer roller. He just kept saying “it uses a little more fuel than mine, but man that’s a tractor”. Most people don’t understand just how much 4wd and a loader is capable of until they get to use it. Then they say they’ll never have another 2wd tractor… and wonder how they got by without a loader.

It wasn’t all work this week though. The whole family (kids, mom, dad, grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousin) took a ride on the Big South Fork Railway. We rode the trick or treat train for tots. The kids had a blast. After the train ride they trick or treated all over the town of Stearns.

My Mahindra merchandise came this week too. Now I don’t have to drink my morning coffee from a green JD cup. The t-shirts are great too. They have the “lift spot” advertisement on the back with the Deere and the Kubota tractors hoisted up by the Mahindra on the front loader and the 3 point. It proudly proclaims that the Deere and the Kubota names aren’t the only ones that carry a lot of weight. Here’s one pic of it I found online.
I was able to find some interesting things this week too. I found an old Tombstone Junction (the long gone, but once widely known amusement park just a few miles from me) advertisement flyer. Another interesting thing I found this week was an issue of Grit. I remember as a kid peddling Grit to all our neighbors. Don’t think I ever made a dime selling the paper, but it was fun taking it to all the neighbors. I hadn’t seen an issue in I bet 20 years.

Well, temps are supposed to be in the 20′s tonight, so I better go put a fire in the woodstove and bring in Mattie’s potty garden. Feel free to drop me a line anytime…. I really enjoy reading and responding to everyone’s comments, so thanks.

2 Responses to “Trick or Treat”

  1. Waylon Says:

    Hey i saw that u said u just found an old tombstone junction flyer. Just wondering do you have any old pictures of the place. I recently visited it just to see what was left, i used to love goign there as a kid. If you could help me out email me at

  2. joelw Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have ay pictures of the junction. Well I take that back I have one of my ex wife inside the Red Garter Saloon when she was a kid. What I do have is postcards and flyers. Nothing left of the old place is there?

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