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Rain Rain, Go Away

After a couple nights and days of unseasonably cold weather, the rain has set in and doesn’t seem to be going away. I did get one fairly dry, but overcast day to haul some more cross ties from the railroad. Other than that and work it’s been a week of taking care of the animals and hanging out with the kids. We have been to a couple local farms to look at cattle. I believe we have decided on a 600 lb simmental bull calf from a neighbor for our next beef. He’s a tad big to steer, but I like a challenge. We’ve planned a trip to the stockyard to buy some pigs for week after next. I will have to borrow our friend and neighbor Joe Phillips’ trailer. I sold mine a few months back and have never replaced it.

Another neighbor, Mr. Wisham, called and needs hay set out for his cows starting Monday. This will be a weekly chore for the Mahindra 6000 this winter. Sure wish I could swing that 7010 Cab. The colt born on Garett’s birthday (6/30) “Thumper” will soon be separated from his mother. I’ll make a place in the barn for him. If we don’t put him somewhere that is impossible for him to escape he will find a way to get back to his mother. Then we will begin the long process of breaking him.

We had to take time this week to do something none of us enjoy doing. A long time friend of the family passed away and we attended his services. Mr. Travis Bryant was a retired logger. He resided here just about a mile and a half from the farm for several years. I grew up around and have remained friends with his sons and daughter.

The goats the kids raised on a bottle are now big enough to put them in with the rest of the herd. Only problem is, they are so tame they keep finding a way out of the fence and coming to the porch. I thought I had seen every way a goat could get itself into trouble until the other day. One of the horned dams had reached as far into the middle of a roll of hay as it could only to get it’s horns caught in the hay. It was stuck there with it’s head in the hay. I just happened to look out there and see it struggling. She was so grateful when I finally dug enough hay away she could get loose.

On a positive note, while looking for something in the attic I found a box of old picture negatives. Just from looking at them through the light I can tell that they are my great uncle Norman in various places both here and overseas – I would assume during WWII. We have tons of pictures that he took during the war of friends of his, but we have no way of identifying them. Someday I hope to scan them and post them on a website for folks to help me identify them. I have taken about half of them to have them developed and hopefully I can afford to get the rest soon.

Well I should go for now…….feel free to drop a comment anytime.

5 Responses to “Rain Rain, Go Away”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    What an exciting find in the attic. Coming across treasures like that is always great. That would be interesting to see if you could get them up on a website, to see if other people can help you identify the people in the pictures. And I bet that would be great for others to see old pictures of relatives.

    Its been raining a ton here in Oregon also. Flooding in many places around. It was a very dry summer, so the rain is nice, but not the flooding.

    Sounds like your little bottle raised goats dont want to be goats.. haha..

    Sorry to hear that a family friend had passed away. Hope things are going ok.

    Hope you have a great week. Keep the posts coming, still love reading them. By the way, our kids are the same ages, except I have a younger one also.
    ~Jennifer in Oregon

  2. joelw Says:

    Yes it was a very exciting find. It’s hard to believe how many things were just left behind here. My great uncles daughter didn’t want them I geuss. I bet there are 200 old albums in a filing cabinet in the basement. Most of them beethoven, bach and the like. There are a few older country artists like Barbara Mandrell and such. I’m sure they aren’t worth a lot of money, but they sure hold a lot of value to me. I can remember my uncle listening to these.
    That’s right about the goats. They don’t have a clue they belong with the others. They think of the children as mom or dad and want to be with them.
    The reason I asked if you lived close to Springfeild is Kingsford has a charcoal plant there. I would like to meet other folks who work for the company. They also have plants in Summer Shade Ky, Belle Mo, Parsons and Beryl Wva, and a new plant starting up in Glenn MS.

  3. Louie T. Smith Says:

    I happen to come across your blog while looking at the Mahindra web site. I really enjoyed reading your experiences. We have a Mahindra tractor dealer about 15 miles from us in Hagan, Ga. I am looking for a small tractor to use to spray pine trees to keep the weeds down in order to rake pine straw. I looked at the Mahindra 3525. It would be big enough to do what I needed it for. I was told that these are excellent tractors. Down here in south Georgia, a lot of farmers have John Deere and Fords but I like the look of the Mahindra. Red is my favorite color anyway.

    We are starting to get some cold weather here in south Georgia. It has only got down in the high 30′s so far and it is still quite dry. We have not had much rain this fall.
    Louie in Georgia

  4. Don Says:

    I hope when it gets cold that 6000 will start. I have own a 6000 for 4 years starter been out 3 times replace and repaired. Most recently 5 months ago and now winter here and I’m have problems with the starter again.

  5. joelw Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Have you checked the ground on the starter? Also important to keep the terminals free from corrosion. I know Mahindra has suggested that the ground cable atleast have a star washer that will scratch the paint on the frame to get a good connection. I personally would recommend a new longer cable ran to the frame and make sure it is down to metal. If that doesn’t work get in touch with your dealer to see how he might help. You can also contact Mahindra directly to get in touch with their service techs. Try the website for contact info.

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