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Home Improvement

The cold is once again on us here in Ky. Tonight’s lows are forecasted into the low 20s. What a change from earlier this week when temps were in the 70s. At 6am this morning the temperature was 69 degrees, by afternoon it was 34 degrees. The warm weather earlier in the week got us out and about. We took advantage and cleaned out the chickenhouses and finished blowing and burning the leaves. The kids suckered me into an evening of pushing them in the swings too. When we moved some things in the barn we found two very old windows that are in pretty good shape. One of them is over 8 ft wide. I am assuming these were in the covered back porch that used to be on the house. Sometime in the 70′s my great uncle decided to tear off the porch and build on 2 rooms. Unfortunately, he didn’t do a very good job and the rooms are starting to get in bad shape. We plan to tear them off and put a covered porch and deck in the back.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week talking to contractors and excavating folks about improvements around the farm. We want a 10 x 14 room with the old windows, a 10 x 22 deck, and a metal roof on the house. The plan is to have room for our books and plants and a place to go look out through the huge window into the pasture and read. We’ll have the deck for grilling and sitting in the fresh air. We also plan to clear about 40 more acres for pasture. Hopefully we’ll have enough money left to add a shed on the side of the chickenhouse for keeping my Mahindra 6000 in the dry.

We plan to move forward with the pumpkin patch idea too. I am looking for a good set of plows and a heavy disc for the 6000. We’ll also be building or buying a few picnic tables, hay wagons, and some more animals for the petting zoo. The neighbor (Joe Phillips) and I have penciled in a trip to the sale barn this coming Tuesday. Hopefully nothing will come up and we can get a few pigs, a new billy goat, and some calves. Depending on the price I may try to pick up a couple bottle babies. They are a whole lot of trouble, but well worth it as they get bigger and come bouncing and slobbering for the bottle.

On a sad note a good friend of mine was critically injured in an ATV accident. All your prayers are needed as he is still in critical condition almost a week later.

Lots to do so I better run…………. until next time………..stay safe!

4 Responses to “Home Improvement”

  1. Charlene Says:

    What a fun blog! Really enjoy reading all that goes on at your farm. I know everyone has responded that we all don’t know how you do it, but you seem to get a lot done!! Incredible. Have a great holiday!!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Wow, thats quite a drop in temp., from 69 in the morning to 34 in the afternoon. We dont have that big of drops in temps during the day, here in Oregon. Usually just at night.
    I love the idea for the big covered porch and deck. That sounds so cool, to be able to go sit and read by a big window with a view of the pasture.
    So were you able to go to the sale barn to buy any more animals? I still like the idea for the pumpkin patch and petting zoo.
    Oh and after you get done clearing your 40 more acres, you can come help me clear my 1
    Sorry to hear about your friend who was in the ATV accident. He will be in my prayers.
    Try to stay warm!
    Jennifer in OR

  3. Todd Says:

    Great blog! I love the layout and theme you have!

  4. joelw Says:

    Thanks for reading Todd!

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