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Peddling pigs

This week I finally made it to the livestock market. I’ve been wanting to go for a while but something always comes up. I’m amazed at how low prices have gotten. I can’t figure if it’s because it’s close to Christmas or the price of feed that has the price low. I had only planned to buy 2 or 3 pigs and a calf. My budget allowed $800 for this purchase. A few months ago that’s what it would have cost to buy what I was looking for. With prices surpressed like they are my $800 got me 13 40-50 lb pigs and 3 calves that weighed a respectable 250#, 515#, and 550#. The guys at work were kind of making fun of me for buying all those pigs, but I just couldn’t pass up such a deal. I only want 4, so I’ll need to unload some on somebody. I talked with my grandfather Delbert Gay at the sale for a while. I’m amazed at how well he gets around for his age. He made me promise that I’d be bringing those children to see him soon. Madison and Garett were very disappointed that they didn’t get to go. Garett made me promise next time he can go to try and find some rabbits. Madison says next time she gets a new billygoat. This time they had to settle for a bushel of apples.

Tonight I worked until after dark getting everything situated. I almost always give the cattle that I buy at a sale a shot of penicillin and worm them. It’s a lot easier to deal with cattle since we built a pen to work them in. I’ll worm the pigs tomorrow and get some turpentine so we can castrate the males. Then I’ll set out some more rolls for the horses with the 6000. It’s time to worm the goats again too. Of course with all this needing to be done, it will be turning bitter cold. Forecasts for tonight show lows of teens and snow tomorrow. Today’s high was 54. I still have not managed to get my wood splitter back together, but I do have the parts. I have so much to do and the days are short, that I have been thinking of switching shifts to swing shift or nights so I would have more daylight hours to work on the farm. I’d hate to though, I finally have the seniority to have a decent job on day shift.

Today I did a little comparison shopping. I was already in Somerset for a meeting with some union guys on a problem we are experiencing so I stopped at the John Deere dealer. I am particularly interested in a 70 to 80 hp cab tractor. I’ve driven the Mahindra 7010 Cab around the parking lot, and had been told by other folks that the Deere cab was pretty nice, so I thought I’d see. I looked at 2 different cab models and I can’t see how they are any nicer than the Mahindra. I did not get a price on the Deere models, but have seen comparable used tractors with 1000 hours in that lineup priced at more than a new Mahindra 7010 Cab. That’s with no warranty. Throw in the fact that I’ve done business with my Mahindra Dealer for about 10 years… and the reliabilty of my 6000 4wd… I just could not justify going green.

Well tons to do so I better scoot………… Check back I’ll be adding some more soon.

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  1. Hillbilly-willy Says:

    I like your writing – Keep up the good work. I have made a feed to your site on

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    10-4 – Hillbilly Willy

  2. joelw Says:

    Good to hear from you Hillbilly-willy. Maybe we can get a links column put in this thing and direct folks to your site. Glad you like the writing and keep promoting rural America.

  3. Veta Hemric Says:

    Read my story at I divorced my theiving farmer husband who has been plotting with the bankers to take everything my mother and I have for the past two decades since my dad died. Please pray for us also…I read your story and it sounds like a fairy tale as to what I and my mother am knowing….Keep on posting and enjoying whatever you can of life. Keep it simple…the poultry house was the downfall of my life…the bankers were bailed out of the worst tax mess ever inflicted upon the tax payers in our country’s history and they then proceeded to sneak in a maneauver that stole my mother paid for farm in a swindle of concealed nature. I am posting a website to which there will be an account number….We are seeking donations as we only have couple of months more mortgage payments left and we are dealing with an embezzelment issue of more than $200,000.00 of money that was borrowed against the property for us to start over with. We bought back some of the property, 37 acres, on Dec. 2, 2006. In the closing we turned up an identity theft that has sent our lives into the worst turmoil you can imagine. Again, please pray for us that there will be a positive ending to this nightmare of extreme proportions…enjoy your family, mine has been destroyed….by the banks…Veta Hemric 4844 Collins Road, Hamptonville, NC 27020…this is the address of my mother’s and my bed and breakfast venture to create an income on the farm…She is 83 and I am now 61 and starting over with a debt from my divorce and the embezzelment of more than $867,000.00 when the property purchase is finalized. Please keep us in your prayers and if there is any farm organization or any caring group that you know of that has any solution to this, please reach me…all information is on the website also for the bed and breakfast… Stay healthy in all that cold weather,,,my daughter is in Glasgow, Ky. It is beautiful country there…she is a teacher now…I don’t see her much any more…I don’t have much of a life any more…It is a shame that the simple life has to be so messed up by corporate greed. Thank you for reading this and pass on our information…we need help.

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