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Construction continues

Construction continues here on the farm. We almost have a roof over our addition again now. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. That, plus I’m getting excited about starting the land clearing and building the small lake. First order of business after the addition will be decks on the doublewide. I’ve taken some pictures of the doublewide and the views from the front and back doors. I am convinced it will be amazing when everything is done. It may take me another year to get everything the way we want it.

Garett has been helping me put water line in the trenches we dug. Honestly he’s not a lot of help, but hopefully he will feel like he’s a part of the success of the farm and he’s learning some work ethic. If there is one thing I want my kids to have besides good morals, it’s work ethic.

We really haven’t done much on the farm this week other than set hay in to the horses and feed and water everything once a day. The weather has been great, but I’ve been stuck at work from daylight to dark. In the winter it is really hard to get anything done. I usually don’t get home until after 4 and it’s dark by 5:30 so I have to go straight to what I need to do. That’s going to change now though. I traded shifts with a guy at work so now I should have a couple hours on Monday and Tuesday, until 2 PM on Wednesday and Thursday, and pretty much all day Friday to work on the farm. Friday and Saturday nights I have to pull the hoot owl shift so I probably won’t get much done on Saturday except sleep. The kicker is I have to work an entire extra shift once a week. No true days off except 24 hour periods between shifts. I thought I’d try it and if it doesn’t work out I’ll use my seniority to get back to days.

I used the 6000 4WD to bury two calves for a neighbor this week. You really take a chance buying animals at market. The animals I bought seem to be doing fine. I know they sure are eating a lot. I may just hang on to all the pigs. Several people have expressed intrest in buying a whole hog or part of one already processed.

I’ve moved the goats back into the pasture across the road. I had to take down part of the fence to dig the trench for a water spicket and that prevented me from letting them get to the barn. Across the road they can get in the barn. My friend and neighbor John Bryant helped me add some boards to the stall we plan to put the colt in to start the long process of breaking him. First step is going to be getting him away from his mom. I have to be careful here because if he can find a way he will break out and go to her. We caught him in the corrall and put his halter on a few days ago. He was none too happy. For about a half day he tried throwing it off. Now he doesn’t seem to mind it. The kids have been trying to get him to eat apples form their hands, but he is still scared so he nudges the apple out of their hands and eats them from the ground.

The children are anxious for Santa to come. I think everyone is excited about Christmas but me. I don’t care much for birthday’s or holidays. I do like to see the kids with their new things though. We always try to get them a few things that they can use on the farm or that lets everyone know they are farm kids. This year they are getting t-shirts from Vermeer that say “Dad Says A Little Dirt Don’t Hurt”. We plan to get some more Combs Farms t-shirts and sweatshirts for them too. Last year we had a pumpkin cart embroidered along with our farm name. This year we’re doing either a black bull or a Boer goat.

Well lots to do so I better go…I’ve put up some more pics to see here….I’ll post more later.

4 Responses to “Construction continues”

  1. Alta Says:

    I just came across your blog. It’s wonderful! I would really like to list your blog in an area on my blog. You can visit my blog and let me know if it is ok for me to post a link to your blog on mine.

  2. Hillbilly-willy Says:

    I was raised on a farm much like the one you describe except in West Texas. I have now migrated to the hills of Arkansas. I have a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics. However, I enjoy taking on the ruse of a southern Hillbilly – writing about life and bringing any information that I can on my two blogs. One is the ruse – Just having fun at and the other is a more serious nature trying to be a part of the Country life at Keep up the good work. Bring up the kids right. Keep them in the country.

    10-4 Willy

  3. joelw Says:

    Feel free to list this blog with yours.

  4. Alta Says:

    We are living in Florida now but we are hoping to move to either North Arkansas or South Missouri within 2 years. The area is just beautiful there. Our area used to be beautiful and very rural, however, it has been taken over by everyone that has money. I don’t like what our area has become.
    We are adopting 3 brothers and we want to raise them in the country with family values and morals.

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