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Cold Is Coming Back

This week has been one of the most jam packed weeks I can remember. Besides my regular work week I’ve managed to till several garden spots, work on my own garden, and get some fertilizer spread. On top of that I’ve stayed on the phone and in the woods with contractors going over what I would want in connection with the proposed poultry houses. I never realized how much was involved in these ventures. Between water quality plans and poultry house permits and excavators and builders and electricians I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I am ready to pull my hair out. I’m about ready to say the heck with it, it’s not worth it. I made myself promise I’d hang loose and get everything ready before I decided whether it was worth it or not. Right now it appears most bids will come in at least $10,000 over what was projected. That extra $50,000 is a lot of money.

Friday I had to take a trip to Owenton to my mom and dad’s other house to pick up our trailer and give my mom a lift back down here. It’s always depressing to see the farms for sale there. That part of the state relied heavily on agricultural, especially tobacco, and now it seems it’s dying. It bothers me bad because the people there are good, hard working people for the most part. They aren’t like the mostly government dependant people here. It kills me to see so many people here on government assistance.

When I went to pick up my mom I stopped by the local Mahindra dealer and picked up the stuff to service the 6000. It was right at $40 for 2 fuel filters and an oil filter. Today after work I went to pick up more fertilizer and stopped to get the oil for the servicing. I need another TV for my room at moms so I shopped around a little at kmart and WalMart. I was wanting some Craftsman ratcheting wrenches, but no way I’m giving the $100 per set they have at kmart.

Bj and I have come to an agreement on her renting the double-wide. That means I’ll be going back to my room at the log house. That will give the kids both parents pretty much all the time. That will free up a few hundred dollars a month too. That means I have to give up the TV I have here. It belongs to her, she just didn’t have room for it at the time. I’ll be getting another safety gift certificate soon, but looks like it’s already spent on a TV.

Tonight the forecast is for severe storms and a cold front to move in. Some stations are predicting a couple nights of below freezing temps. I have potatoes already coming out of the ground. I hope it doesn’t kill them. I think my cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower and lettuce will be okay, but I’ll cover them just in case. I guess this cold weather will keep the kids from going to the creek to wade like they have been at least a couple nights a week. They are thrilled to have “old blue” fixed so they can go to the creek.

Well lots to do so I better go for now……….Check back soon.

2 Responses to “Cold Is Coming Back”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Joel, Family and Friends,
    We’ve had two nights of hard freeze here, we generally don’t have them this late in the spring but we are not officially frost free until May.
    Cost overruns seem to be so darned common when it comes to construction. Don’t get disheartened by it, just keep plugging at it, sometimes you’ll get a couple of bids close to the same, a low bid and one way over the top. The problem is in trying to figure out who is giving you the best deal.
    I am thinking about building a pole barn this spring and need to finish estimating my materials cost. It isn’t going to be anything fancy, just 24 x 36 with open sides. I’ll use it for tractor, and implement storage mostly. I am also contemplating building a 24 x 16 earth contact greenhouse to try my hand at Aquaponics. (Raising fish and plants within a greenhouse environment, and using the by products of the one to feed the other.) My biggest issue is trying to figure costs and viability.
    Well, I hope everyone has a good week, and keep those plants warm!

  2. Niki Says:

    Remember…you are coded for success and you have a internal advisor to help you through all that you face. Once you determine that the chickens is really the dream you want fulfilled, you’re going to see it all click into place.
    I think it’s so cool you are able to have the kids mother move in right there. Good man. It’s going to fine for you all I’m sure.

    You are so busy and have such a full life I’m impressed.


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