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Warming Up

Finally warming up a little here in KY. The warm weather seems to have gotten everybody out and about. I’ve been running like crazy tilling gardens and even brush hoggin for folks. Between feeding, working, tilling, and mowing I haven’t had much time to spend with the kids. Sunday they talked me into a trip to Marsh creek to fish and wade. They love to run around in the creek and splash.

Haven’t done a lot on the farm because I’ve been doing for everybody else. I did get the animals delivered to the slaughter house. Every time I load pigs I tell myself I’m going to build a good loading chute for next time, but I just never find time. We had to use some redneck engineering to get the oinkers in the trailer again. I took livestock panels and t posts and built a temporary chute. Seems like everything on the place is held together with livestock panels and baling twine. Well it worked pretty good. The hard part was getting them to come out of their pen. I literally had to grab them one by one by the ears and drag them out. Once out of the pen they went on up the chute and into the trailer. I was proud of Garett, he got right in there and used his stick we got him at the farm show to make the pigs move. The beef wasn’t any trouble to load. The only trouble I had with it was when I opened the trailer door after he was loaded to put in some water for him. He tried to force his way out. I don’t know how, but I was able to get enough force on the door to keep him in.

I’ve got to find a good dependable farrier for the horses. The pony I picked up has some real issues with his feet. All the other horses need a good trimming and shoes too. The warm weather has me itching to find the time to saddle them up and ride. Thumper the colt has taken a real liking to BJ. She’s been brushing him and got a lead rope on him. Once he’s used to the rope some, I’m going to get him out of the barn and lead him around. Then will be the time to try to get a saddle on him. The mares I picked up last week need to be ridden too. They are only green broke.

I finally got the hemlock to finish the log house and to side the barn. Also picked up enough oak to build a tack room in the barn. Now if I can just get the contractor to come back and finish the job he’s already been paid to do. Last we spoke he said the forecast was for rain the next 3 days but he would get to it as weather permitted. Today it’s 80 and sunny, but no contractor. I can do the work myself, just don’t know how I’d find the time. We decided the traffic in the yard had done so much damage to the grass that it wasn’t going to come out of it. So I tilled up most of the front yard with the 6000 and mom sewed grass. A disc would have been better than the tiller, but I have not found the time to go shop for them.

The kids and I are planning a trip to the Big South Fork River and Recreation Area this weekend weather permitting. I scheduled vacation so we can attend the spring planting days demonstration. I want the kids to know what life was like before all the modern conveniences we have now. I think it will be good for them to watch draft animals work and see how folks subsided. Garett wants us to have family animal planet night this weekend too. We try to all pile up in my bed and watch animal planet when we get time. I’m lucky, it’s the little things that don’t cost money my kids enjoy like creeks and animal planet.

The chickenhouses continue to consume a lot of my time and energy even before they are built. Seems like everyday I am either on the phone or on the farm with someone discussing them. Seems everybody has a different idea about what’s the best site or best way to go about building them. On a bright note the company I will grow for called to say they had raised the pay about $500 a month.

Bj has gotten moved into the double-wide and it’s working good so far. This has a built-in recipe for disaster, but if it works out it will be great for the kids. Myself – I’m glad to have my room back in the cabin. Bj has even come out and helped around the farm.

Well tons to do so I better go………Check back soon and take a look at the pics I’ve added to the site!

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Joel, Family & Friends,
    I think you pretty much summed up spring on any farm, too much to do, and too few hours to do it. Glad the kids have had time to go play down at the creek and spend time with Dad, just watching Animal Planet. (The guys at work used to tease me about watching it or the Food Network in the break room. Now when I go in there it seems that some of them are watching it.)
    My next door neighbor bought an eight foot 3 pt tandem disc from a guy who rebuilds ones he buys at farm sales. Because of the all the no or minimumal till planting that folks are doing around here the twelve to twenty foot folding discs bring very little, and the smaller ones barely bring scrap price. You might watch either implement dealers or auctions to see if any of them are coming up for sale. If you got a 16 footer you can make two discs out of one, keeping one for yourself and sell the other to recoup part, if not all, of your out of pocket expense.
    Take care, and have a great week!

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