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Planting and Planning

Today has been a sad day here. One of the puppies got on the road and got run over. Of course the kids were heart broken. They all were crying. I swear I felt like running down the speed demon and giving him a piece of my mind. It’s ridiculous here, people fly up and down the road. The worst part is, they are in such a hurry to get to the dope dealers house. Law enforcement is a joke. If I know who’s dealing you know the cops do. I keep hoping someone will get elected that will actually do what they are supposed to do.

Another busy week here. In between work and spending time with the kids I managed to finish up the service on the 6000 and change the hydraulic filter mount that I destroyed with a pine tree. I had tried to JB Weld it back together, but it didn’t hold. Figured while I was into the service and would have the hydraulic filter off I’d better replace it before I ended up with hot hydraulic fluid all over me.

I got a bulldozing job this week too. I say bulldozing because when I showed up to mow I wanted to say “you need a bulldozer not a bush hog”. I knew the lady didn’t have the money for a bulldozer and I figured I have the next best thing. I took the 7ft IMC bush hog and backed over trees some so big it slipped the clutch on the mower. When I finally got it all mowed I took the bucket and piled all the brush and pushed over the trees I couldn’t get with the mower. When I was done I had a pile bigger than the tractor. As soon as I can find time I’ve got a couple gardens to till and a driveway to grade. Hopefully the weather will cooperate on Wednesday and Thursday and I can get that done.

The contractor came back and started putting the hemlock siding on the log house and barn. I think it really helps the appearance. I think we’ll be done for a while when the siding is done and stained, the metal work is finished, and we get some gutters.

We had planned to rent equipment and start clearing land as soon as the house was finished, but when we went to set up an account with Whayne Supply they were borderline rude about their requirements and that really turned me off. I hate when someone thinks they are better than me. I don’t have much, but I’ve worked hard for what I have and if I tell you I’ll do something I’ll do it. It just seemed to me they looked down on us. Caterpillar hasn’t been exactly great about taking care of the equipment they’ve sold/rented Kingsford either. Actually that’s the very reason they bought a Komatsu skid steer. At any rate a friend of the family has started his own excavating business and we decided just to hire him on a per acre basis to clear for us. He should get started in the next couple weeks.

We got our beef and pigs back from the slaughterhouse. Filled the freezers to the brim. It’s good to know we got plenty to eat. Sold the last of the pigs today. I had been holding one for a friend of a neighbor. My friend Wade came up today and we decided to go ahead and start cutting the hay. I hooked up the disc mower and he took the 6000 to his garage to put in the roll pin I sheared. He’s gonna cut while I’m at work. We both agree too that it’s time for a radio. He said he’d hook it up if I’d buy it.

The kids and I did a little hoeing and planting today too. We set out about 40 pepper and tomato plants. I’m going to try to get the beans and corn out one day this week. I’ve seen neighbors planting them both the last few weeks. I hope the children continue to be interested in agriculture. Madison has talked about becoming a large animal vet. Garett wants to be a dentist. Kaylee a nurse. It’s scary to think it won’t be too long until I’ll be paying college tuition. I noticed an ad today describing a scholarship program for women in agriculture sponsored by Mahindra. I’m glad that Mahindra is encouraging women to pursue careers in agriculture. Women have a sensitive style about them that men don’t have and I have seen many times a woman could handle an animal a man couldn’t. It’s good that a company would help support this style of life. I believe they are the first tractor manufacturer to do this sort of scholarship just for women, not open to men.
Well 5 am will come early so I’ll go for now…………Check back soon and be sure to check out the pics I’ve added to the site.

9 Responses to “Planting and Planning”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Joel, Family & Friends,

    I hear what you are saying about the Sheriff’s Department. The one we have here is more interested in catching drug trafficers and minor traffic offenses than they are the hoods who rob the area blind. I’ve been fortunate, I’ve never had a break in, but a lot of my neighbors have. It is at the point people are having to lock the doors even when they are at home. (We had one man have a crook break in to his house. He was coming home from work and a neighbor saw a strange car at his house and called him. When he got home the car split and left one guy in the house. He got a gun and held him for the Deputies. The crook was out of a city about an hour away, and claimed that a friend of his had dropped him off to look for work. At trial he admitted they came out to burglarize the place, the driver had already “cased” the place, and split when he knew they were caught.)

    I don’t know about Kentucky, but here in Missouri anyone without a criminal record, a history of mental illness or other legal restrictions can run for Sheriff. All they have to be is over 21, a resident of the county, and have the money to pay the filing fee. We have been fortunate in having a number of police officers and deputies who have ran and been elected. The biggest problem is most of them end up becoming administrators and do not do any actual field work. The one we have now makes a point of coming out for the press whenever he has a major crime, but he isn’t the one doing the investigation. Most of his deputies are very good, but some of them are the south end of a north bound horse.

    I have been looking into Aquaponics, and am thinking about trying it on a limited basis. (Aquaponics is the raising of fish in an integrated system with Hydroponics. It can be done in a greenhouse, but in warmer climates can be done outdoors. I am going to try it at first in my garage. I should have enough ventilation to not have many problems with excess humidity.)

    Well, just keep at it! Sometimes it feels like we keep on pushing that boulder up the mountain, hopefully one day we can get it up on top and it won’t roll back down!


  2. maggie Says:

    Nice blog. Thanks for the tip on the scholarships. It is nice to see a company give back a little.
    Sorry to hear about your pup. I know what you mean about the fast drivers. I have free range chickens and some guinea hens and I fear for there lives any time they get near the road.
    Your kids look awful sweet and I too hope they retain an interest in farming. We need all the small farmers we can get.
    Take care and keep plugging away…it\’s the little things that make life interesting

  3. phil williams Says:

    Well we finally got our loan approved for our goat farm in WV.Procious. The wife and I really cant wait to get started. We would also like you to know you and your family have been a great inspiration. keep up the great work and we want you to know if you and the kids are ever in WV we have a 5 bedroom house and you are always welcome. You may even be able to give me some goat advice. God bless you and your wonderful family.

  4. marci Says:

    i was looking up y daughters travels in europe and your blog popped up.this is the first time i have used a computer and so it was fun to read your very technical desription of farm made me think that the world is so much smaller then we think.enjoy your life!!!!!

  5. meat Says:

    if you get your hands on some of that non slip tape you can put them on the bottom of your daughters shoes (BOOTS) its like thestuff they put on tractor steps that ruff black stuff works well for cowboy boots when ya ride a harley..hey my page is here have a good one.\”MEAT\”

  6. joelw Says:

    I think the laws are very similar here in Kentucky. I know there have been several sherriffs here with no law enforcement education at all. Can’t say that for the current one, seems he just doesn’t want to do anything but collect taxes.
    My younger brother looked at aquaponics for an ag project in high school, but decided against it. Seemed very interesting to me. I’ve considered building ponds and raising catfish if the chicken thing doesn’t develop.

    It is good to see a company giving back a little. Mahindra seems to be more interested in us small farmers and organic growers than the bigger companies. Small farmers need all the help they can get. Keep those chickens and guineas safe and keep checking back!

    Thats great! You’ll lopve the goats. Goats have such personality. I’m glad that things are working out for you. I’ll keep you in mind if I’m ever in W Va. and you keep us in mind if you’re ever in KY. I’ll try my best on the goat advice, just give me a shout with questions you might have. Make sure you keep checking back!

    Glad you enjoy, please keep coming back!

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for reading!

  7. Stephen Says:

    I really enjoyed your site. My father in law is a farmer and I really enjoy going down there and being on the place. I have an office job, but it seems that being outside and moving is worth a lot more in life satisfaction.

    Good luck with everything.

  8. Pecos Blue Says:

    Nice Blog! Keep it up! I am a wannabe farmer.

  9. joelw Says:

    I agree that being outside is more rewarding than an office job. Glad you enjoy the site and keep checking back!

    Pecos Blue,
    Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy!

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