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Another busy week here on the farm. Still no rain to speak of. We did get a small shower one evening, but it was barely enough to settle the dust. There has been rain all around us, but it seems to split and go around us. Most farmers in the area are reporting their hay crop as about half what it usually is. Ours was down a little, but not too much.

The 6000 has really earned it’s keep the past few weeks. It’s been going non stop except for having to replace the battery. That’s my fault, I have a bad habit of leaving the key on. I’ve run the battery dead 3 times that way. This last time did it in. I was pleasantly surprised that an almost exact replacement at Napa was only $74.95. I expected much worse. I’m hoping to find time to give the 6000 and hay roller a bath this week.

I’ve got to stay away from Tractor Supply Company. We went on Friday and before I got out of there I’d spent a thousand bucks. I’ve been wanting a toolbox and a fuel tank for the back of the truck. They had a one time offer on a combo for a little under $700 so I grabbed it. Also picked up a 12 volt pump and some halters for the horses.

Tractor Supply continues to add to their selection of John Deere merchandise. Garett jumped on the bandwagon with the girls and grabbed a shirt that reads “Can You Dig It” and has the Deere logo on it. Kaylee found the best one yet though. Her new one is pink and says “Silly Boys, John Deeres Are For Girls”. I here that Mahindra will be releasing some new T shirts, including some for kids, soon.

BJ and the kids helped me give the truck a bath this week. It’s funny they call the truck “old blue”. We are still wrestling with whether we should replace old blue or just keep it going. I need to spend at least a thousand on the truck to get it back in shape. I’m tired of being without a CD player and air conditioning and wonder if the money wouldn’t be better spent on a down payment on something newer.

We are still shopping for a good square baler and tossing around what’s best new or used, New Holland or Massey ferguson or Case IH, Inline or traditional. There are so many choices it’s unreal. I can see advantages in all. I located a used needle for the old IH 46. Cost including shipping will be $70. I guess I’ll go ahead and order it.

Last night was rodeo night here. They had it at the South Ky Horseman’s Arena in Strunk Ky. It was a different promoter this year and I was very dissapointed. While the bulls were better, the promoter doesn’t have a clue what the environment is supposed to be like at a rodeo. There was no clown, they played nothing but rock and roll music, and the anouncer didn’t introduce the riders before or during their ride. Add to that the fact that the whole thing was in about a 20 ft circle and well it just wasn’t very exciting. They did keep telling us all about the sponsors though. At least the girls and John Thomas had a good time. Garett had a stomach ache so he stayed home with my mom.

The excavator continues to clear land. It kind of makes me sad to think that this beautiful land that I’ve dreamed of having as pasture someday is going to have a commercial chickenhouse on it. My dad keeps telling me not to get discouraged that the income will allow us to buy even more land. We picked up a couple acres of land that we will need to widen the county road this week. That means more work for me. The land had 2 trailers on it, but one was in too bad of shape to salvage. The other we plan to rent to Alan who shoes my horses and give him a job in the chickenhouses. That means we’ve got to get it in shape.

Well I better get at it……lots to do…… be sure to check out the pics I’ve added to the site. Thanks for reading and check back soon!

15 Responses to “Shopping”

  1. ann Says:

    I have really enjoy reading your blog. As a single mom of 3 girls trying to keep my family farm up and running your words bring me hope that we can do it.
    Keep on writing.

  2. Ray G Says:

    Nice blog. Keep doing this.

    I was back visiting my parents last week (Evansville, IN) and got a chance to drive around W.Ky a bit which is nice since I live in AZ now (all of the green is amazing from my desert perspective).

    There was a report on how bad Ky ag is right now because of the weather, so we’ll be praying.

  3. joelw Says:

    Glad you enjoy the blog! Just keep plugging along, I’ve found that slow and steady wins the race. I’ve had to make myself a list and mark things off as I get them done to ever see that I am accomplishing anything. Check back soon!

    Ray G,
    There’s a whole lot less green here lately with the drought. Agriculture in general is headed nowhere fast in Ky.. Farmers didn’t need the freeze we got earlier in the year and we certainly don’t need the drought. Thanks for reading and keep checking back!

  4. Hillbilly Willy Says:

    Keep up the good work. You have a lovely family. you spend time with them. You work hard and play hard.

    Don’t get discouraged. The Lord blesses those who are in his fold and take care of their families.

    And always know that just like Hillbilly Willy, you know that Life in America is a Great Life and Willy thinks that
    The Rural Life is a Great Life in Arkansas

    10-4 Willy

  5. Dawn Says:

    I love a good rodeo too. I’m surprised at no clowns and the rock and roll music. Maybe with enough people know what a rodeo should be, they’ll come back to reality and the announcer will learn. You are doing a great job! I love the farm life and have a 6 acre mini farm in Cerulean, KY, but I have it up for sale as it is too much for me to farm alone and work full time in town. I love reading your blog and keeping me up on the farm life. One day I’ll have my farm again! In the mean time, I can enjoy yours and what you and your family are doing in KY! Thanks!

  6. Judy Matlock Says:

    In my search to help my friend — it’s a long story, but in short, my friend has power of attorney for gentleman, now in failing health, who “managed” (with the help of many neighbors) to collect a pile of rubber tires on his farm in northeast IA. These need to be disposed of before the farm can be sold. I was told there is a company in Decatur, IL that is burning tires for their energy supply — do you know if it is Archer Daniels Midland? If so, do you know a contact name/number to inquire of their interest in approx. 3 semi-loads of rubber tires? If not this company, any company? Any help is greatly appreciated. (send to I grew up on a 147-acre farm in northeast IA and love the memories. In my search to help our friend, I came across your blog. Loved it! Keep up the great job you are doing.

  7. Amy Says:

    Hi! Found your pages and wow, it’s all I can say!
    Your certainly living our family’s dream. We are “practicing” farming here in mid Michigan. Hope to someday (please Lord soon) have our own plotch of land. Right now its hogs for Fair, and chickens. Meatbirds and layers.
    Our garden isn’t doing so hot either. It has to be the serious lack of rain. I’m trying to remain optimistic!

    Keep the Faith!

  8. Deborah Gamble Says:

    What? No clown? Rock-n-roll? Even I can run a better rodeo than that!

  9. Hillbilly Willy Says:

    Joel, I read you a lot and really enjoy. Thought you might like a diversion and play the internet game of blog tag. I know that you are sponsored and may not be able to take this diversion.

    You have been tagged by Hillbilly Willy from his Blog Life in America

    If you haven’t done this before, it is kind of interesting. Click the link above and come over to my blog and play along.

    Hope you dont mind the intrusion.

    10-4 Willy

  10. Sheila Says:

    my Mother and I enjoy your Blog. We have a dairy farm near Hershey ,Pa. Only about 40 cows. Holstein. How is your Garden doing? We got ours in late and it was to wet it didnt come up the way we would like. And youy have a drought , I like the way you and B.J> get along. Alot of the divorced couples I know dont , and the hek w/ the kids . Good luck you have a neat family

  11. Kevin Says:

    I don’t know off hand who is doing tire recycling right now, but I am sure if you do a web search you ought to find one. Some of the recyclers grind the tires for reuse in making asphalt and other building materials, others resell the ground tires to power plants to be burned with coal in power plants. The big problem is the old gentleman might have to pay for removal and disposal. Missouri has had a five dollar per tire disposal fee for years. This fee is supposed to go towards the removal and clean up of unlicensed tire dumps, your friend might check to see if Iowa has a similiar law and program. (Since the owner is unable to care for the property and is in the process of selling the farm, he might qualify for state assistance. Only problem is he could also face fines for maintaining an unlicensed tire dump. Since your friend is the old gentleman’s attorney he could broker some sort of deal with the state and prosecuting attorney’s office to avoid criminal penalties.)


  12. MB Says:

    Thank you for sharing your stories on line. We are would love to have a hobby farm someday. Land is pretty scarce and expensive where we live, so we will keep looking. I enjoyed reading your blog. I think it is very helpful to get an insiders experience of what living on the farm is really like. The pictures are great too! We will be going to a rodeo on July 4th located in a small town. It is got to be one of the best ways to celebrate. They have a hometown parade in the morning, then you head off to the rodeo, and at night they have fireworks at the local high school. We will pray for rain for your parts. Take care and God Bless!
    (John 3:16-21)

  13. Gail Willie Says:

    What a great dad!! Giving you children a home in the country!! Beautiful children and great story. Enjoy life on the farm this fall.


  14. Maria Kanellis Says:

    Maria Kanellis…..

    Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !…

  15. joelw Says:

    Thanks for the comment! Glad to have you reading! Check back soon!

    Thank you very much for the comment. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. We’re hopig for lots of fun on the farm this fall. Keep checking back!

    Glad you enjoy! Come back soon!

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