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Well another week has come and gone here on the farm. Spent most of my spare time plumbing this week. The trailer we aquired was in desperate need of plumbing. Every time I got one leak fixed I’d find another. The pipes had frozen and burst in a lot of places. One leak would rear it’s ugly head, but the others wouldn’t until you fixed a leak in front of it. Must be a pressure thing. I think I finally got it though. Now it’s looking like I’ll have to put in at least one heating element in the hot water heater. I’ve spent a couple hundred bucks on parts, but it should start paying me back in a couple months.

Garett turned 8 yesterday. We had him a pirate party. I think he had a pretty good time. He sure raked in the presents. After cake and ice cream and a cookout we let off a few fireworks. The carnival is in town this week so I’m sure I’ll be going at least one night.

Madison noticed today one of the horses is limping and has a swollen leg. You can see a small cut that has healed. It looks like she has gotten something around her leg. I guess this means a trip to the vet. We actually have been riding the horses a bit this week. Madison loves to ride and she made me get up early in the mornings to take her for a ride.

I picked up another small field to cut for hay. I helped papaw Staley set out hay and get his cattle off a pasture where the fence was down so he gave me the field to cut for hay. His cattle are smart. The neighbors called 3 or 4 times last week to tell us his cattle were out. We would go up there and they would all be back across the fence and in the barn. We didn’t think they were actually his until I got out and walked through the woods and found the trail they had been using. They had a straight shot through the woods to the barn and could be back there before we could get there to count to see if they were all there.

The excavation continues. I had no idea there was as much flat land as there is. The place looks totally different without trees. I can’t wait to get some grass growing this fall. I’m planning to do a bunch of reseeding as soon as the weather allows. I will have to take the time to visit my dealer this week. I’ve got to find a good disc and hopefully a set of plows. I also need to pick up a set of blades for the disc mower.

Well tons to do so I better get busy…….Be sure to check back soon….Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

9 Responses to “Plumbing”

  1. HurricaneTeen Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now, and I have been trying to get around to leaving a comment and checking through the archives. I really enjoy reading about the ups and downs of farm life. Good luck with your plumbing issues…I hate plumbing…Something’s always springing a leak in my little irrigation system…So I know how you feel.

  2. The Hermit Says:

    Have a good holiday. Looks like you work hard enough to enjoy one when you get it.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Depending on how old the trailer was you might have to replace all of the PVC/CPVC lines under the trailer. A number of years ago some of the manufacturers used some inferior plastics that resulted in brittle plastic water lines. Another problem the plastic waterlines experience under trailers is the underpinning. If the underneath of the trailer is not properly sealed in and insulated the cold and heat will affect them.
    Sorry you are experiencing drought. We have been having flooding up here. Around me there are a lot of places that have been flooded, but nothing close to me. Got my fingers crossed you get some rain after the 4th.

  4. Niki Says:

    My my but you have been busy lately. Don’t ya just love summer! Loved the pics and laughed at the plumbing….I’ve been there! and so glad not to be. Sorry, but old trailers are so much work that they have to have some really redeeming quality to make it worth while. Sounds like you can rent it and recoup your time and money. I’ve refurbished a couple Airstream trailer only because of the resale value.

    Thanks for sharing your world. It’s fun to come and visit every couple of weeks.


  5. Karen B. Says:

    Hello there,
    I found your blog interesting and cute that you would share your farming life with anyone interested. I too live on a farm of sorts, although I’m not a farmer or know the first thing about it. My husband and I bought 83 acres last year in Mississippi and we don’t have the slightest idea what to do with it after spending our whole lives in California so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  6. ann Says:

    Please tell Garett happy birthday from North Carolina..hope you get the trailer fixed soon. Is your hay growing? With our lack of rain I hope we have enough to cut for the 2nd cutting in October. We ran short on the cutting in May. We will need all we can get for the animals.
    Thanks for keeping up informed…love your Blog.

  7. joelw Says:

    Huricane teen,
    Glad to have you reading and thanks for the comment. I too hate plumbing. Farm life is busy for sure. Add a full time job and kids to raise and it’s really busy.

    Thanks, you are right it’s great to get some time to relax! Thanks for reading!

    It’s all CPVC now. Whole lot of work, but it should last.

    Glad to have you visiting. You are right about the trailers. Hopefully in time I’ll get some rent from it. Just hoping I can hang in here until Fall. Summer just about does me in.

    Karen B,
    Most states have extension services. Check with the Farm Service Agency in your area they should have info on what’s working in your area.
    Thanks for Reading!

    Thanks for the Happy Birthday. Hay’s cooked here, not sure it will be worth it to cut it by October. Thanks for reading!

  8. Atoz Says:

    I LOVE Clingman’s Dome! My old stomping grounds! You make me miss my mountains and living in a cabin. *Gulps* Great blog!

  9. joelw Says:

    Thanks for the comment! I see why you like those mountains. Very peaceful. Someday I’d like to hike the appalachian trail. Thanks for reading, check back soon!

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