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Much of our spare time this week was spent staining the hemlock that we had added to the log house and the barn. We found a new use for the 6000, it makes a pretty good scaffold. I would lift B.J. up to where she needed to stain and then I would climb up into the bucket with her. The stain made the house and barn look tons better and I know it will help preserve it. I don’t really know how I talked B.J. into helping out but she was a big help.

Madison learned how to ride her bicycle without her training wheels this week. She also had her first big bike wreck with a little help from me – I was chasing her and she got spooked. She ended up with a scratched and bruised belly. I felt terrible that I was the cause of her first bike wreck.

The kids head back to school on August 8th so we had to go to Garett & Madison’s open house to find out who their teachers would be for the upcoming school year. Garett got the teacher that he wanted, Gwen Bryant, a family friend. Madison on the other hand did not get my aunt, Susan Parsons, as her first grade teacher. She has said that she will not be going to first grade this year and she will just stay home and go to second grade next year. So I will have to take the day off work to make sure that she does go to school.

Monday all of the kids had to go to the dentist, so we spent the day in Somerset. Kaylee and Madison did not have any cavities. Garett had a couple of beginners. Madison also got fitted for a mouth guard that will break her from sucking her thumb. We had breakfast at Hardee’s and then headed to Lowe’s to get things needed for the home improvement projects. As we left, Kaylee & Madison found a slug in the parking lot and would not have it any other way than to take it somewhere that it wouldn’t get hurt. It makes me proud that I have raised good stewards of the environment.

I finally finished putting in the water spickets to the barn, corall, and pasture. I also got the electric wire and conduit to the log house barn. It pleased my mother immensely to get the ditches covered back over. We noticed that we had little water pressure at the log house, it was due to a main line water leak. On the positive side it did fill up our little pond across the road.

Precious, Kaylee’s mare is still taking the antibiotics and now I am applying a gel daily to her leg. It’s getting better but it will be a little time before she is back to normal. I have spent a small fortune in vet wrap and gauze. The chickens, calves, rabbits, & other horses are doing well.

We are down to decision time of what we are going to do with the chicken houses. A decision has to be made this week. The children are now voicing their objections to “all those chickens”.

Well tons of things to do and little time to get them done in so I better go for now. Check out the new pics and check back soon!

10 Responses to “Stained”

  1. HurricaneTeen Says:

    I wish you well on your “chicken decision-making.” I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it work whatever you decide. Have a good week!

  2. AJ Says:

    I laughed at how you wondered how you talked B.J. into helping out. I can think of no other lifestyle that brings the best out of a person than living and working on land. The work has to be done by someone. Unless you are willing to hire out (who can afford to do that all the time?), then you or someone in the family are the “someone.” I also find that, since moving to a piece of property, my sense of “in this thing together so let’s get ‘er done” has been a big motivating factor in what I’m willing to take on or try to do. The consequence is that I feel like I’m really contributing and becoming stronger and more confident. Nothing like using a nail-gun to give a woman a little confidence. Heh.

  3. Gidget Says:

    Thank you for your honest and heartfelt postings. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Your words are inspiring me to continue cultivating our family’s dreams.

    It’s funny about the snail. Our kids found one this week too, only, not knowing land snails were different from aquarium snails, I unfortunately fed it to our goldfish. I’ve got to remember to research these things first!

  4. Sheila Says:

    why do your kids start school so soon? When do they get out? My kids in Pa start the day after Labor day

  5. Kevin Says:

    Don’t worry about Maddie, she’ll come around. Especially if you can get Garrett and Kaylie to talk up how much fun it is to go to school, and all the friends they have that they only see there. Of course there is always the big kids go to school and the little ones go to daycare approach.

    Enjoy the next couple of weeks with the kids, they will fly by!

  6. Bethany Says:

    Hi ~

    I found your blog and am learning a lot as I read. You write very well, by the way.

    My step dad’s dream has been to have a farm, having spent half of his life on one himself growing up (he has retired) and he is in the process of obtaining a 40 acre working farm with two houses on it. Me and my two boys plan on moving into the second home and helping out. We are all looking forward to it and have started making plans and reading lots of books.

    We are planning on having cattle, chickens, goats, and many gardens which will be filled with heirloom fruits and veggies (if we are successful) that we will grow organically. It is going to be refreshing – hard work, but so fulfilling.

    Thank you for sharing your farming life with the rest of us. It’s something that I look forward to continue reading.

    Me :)

  7. Keith Says:

    Hey Joel, Wow this is really cool.I didnt know you had a blog on mahindra’s website.I hope chicken houses are coming along good.Well ill see you the next time I drive by your house on my fourwheeler which is most likely tomorrow.

  8. Jerry Says:

    I just found your website. Very cool. I am living on a farm too. My brother and father still farm here in the area.

    I have a friend Cliff who farms and blogs out in Nebraska. I have another friend Rachel who blogs and lives in Somerset, KY.

  9. Traci Baker Says:

    Hi, you should try Equaide on the mare’s leg. You will see amazing results- quickly.

  10. joelw Says:

    Hurricane teen,
    Thanks for reading!

    We’re definately all in this together. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to turn BJ loose with power tools just yet though. It’s sad that folks don’t help each other like they used to. We’ll just keep plugging away and hope everything gets done eventually. Thanks for reading!

    Thank you for your compliments. Glad to have you reading!

    Usually the kids get out in early June. I’m not sure why they start so early. Thanks for reading!

    Your right Madison is tough. She’ll be fine I just have to make sure she knows she has to go. They start back next week so I’m already dreading it. Thanks for reading!

    Thanks for the compliments. I hope all your dreams come true. I wish everyone could have this lifestyle. It will definately be a lot of work, but great rewards. Thanks for reading!

    You be careful on that 4 wheeler! Supposed to have chickens around 1-08!

    Glad to have you reading. Feel free to put a link in here to your friends blogs.

    Thanks for the info. I’ll look for some. The local vet always wants to use DMSO gel. Lately we’ve been using generic Neosporin. Thanks for reading!

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