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What a difference this week has made in the landscape of the farm. We continue to clear more land every day. It should wrap up this week. The decision was made not to take a chance on the poultry house site. We moved it to the front of the farm. It will be a little closer to the log house, but the excavation costs will be much less. They began work on the pad for the houses 3 days ago and have already removed all the topsoil and begun getting it on grade. They expect to be ready for the builder by the end of next week. That’s moving on. We will need to move the double-wide and have cleared a place on the back of the property to move it to. It will be at the end of a county road with only one neighbor near it. An older couple. Should be very peaceful. I am amazed at the transformation of the land as it is cleared. I can almost see cows, goats, and horses grazing. It will be a real job to get it all fenced, but worth the effort.

All is well with the kids. Madison and Kaylee stay busy cheering, while Garett is busy with after school programs that help with his reading and homework. He’s going to be a little bookworm. All the children went to the McCreary County Public Library this week and got library cards. Earlier in the week they all had been sick. Everyone had a stomach bug.

We finished up the hay this week. What little there was. I made a deal with our neighbors the Phillips’ to get it square baled and put in our barn instead of rolling it. That will give me a few hundred squares and about 40 rolls to get through the winter on. Hopefully I can get some fencing done and won’t need so much hay. I’d like to buy some cattle this winter if they get cheap enough. I thought I had found a square baler that would suit me, but waited around and let it get sold. I did pick up a New Holland 258 hay rake though. With folks going to V rakes with their rollers there are some deals out there on rolla bar rakes. Since I want to do more squares the rolla bar rake fits me. I will go next week and look at a New Holland 311 square baler. Don’t know much about the New Holland knotters as opposed to what I know about the other designs. I just know I need a square baler that the 6000 won’t be waiting on.

We are heading into fall shutdown at work so I get some much needed time off. We all will be working day shift with weekends off. I can use the time since I’ve been working seven days a week for too long to remember.

Hope all is well for you and remember to check out the pics I’ve added! Better get working on something with this time I have.

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  1. David Says:

    Good luck on finding a square baler, I have a Massey Ferguson 124 square baler that I pull with my 6000 and she moves right along. Glad to hear you got the chickenhouses straightened out. I’ve been looking for a rake myself but it seems that everyone has them hiding or has a v rake and doesn’t want to get rid of the old bar rakes. But oh well, hope you get some more time to get things done around the farm.

  2. Sheila Says:

    Guess what ? My neighbor is putting up a chicken house here in Pa. His son whants to farm and the dad has cows. the kid doesnt want to milk cows so he is going that route. well , the neighbors are upset because they said DUST, AND SMELL/ every one wants cheap food, but not in their back yard. I would rather see farming than fancy housing developments going up. Developers come in and offer a million dollers and thats the end of another farm. Sheila

  3. joelw Says:

    I’ll certainly need luck to find a good one at a decent price. Should’ve grabbed the 224, but I was just a little shy. New Holland dealer here bought up a bunch of rolla bar rakes even new ones and has them for sale reasonable. While talking to my Mahindra dealer the other day he mentioned I might want to stay away from the 124s and 224s because they use a knotter designed by Gehl and with Gehl going out of the ag implement business parts might become an issue. Thanks for reading!

    I have run into the same opposition here. I would encourage the neighbors to visit a modern facility. The smells have been greatly reduced. Will it be a broiler house or hen house? Know the company? People want to buy chicken at current prices, but want you to raise it a different way. Each state governs their poultry production differently. I’m with you on rather see someone farming chickens than houses. Lots of farmers have come to the conclusion the most profitable crop they can grow is houses. Couple that with a younger generation that doesn’t want to farm and you get subdivisions. Thanks for reading and keep checking back!

  4. Sheila Says:

    Dont know what kind of facility yet or who they sell to . I think of you guys every time I drive past though .A great thing happening lately is some farmers are signing up for farm preservation. you sell the developement rightds to the preservation trust and from that point forth it can only be used for ag. My parents put deed restrictions on 250 acres that they can only be ag. which is wonderful . Farms around here can go for a couple million for developement. but once a fafm is gon , its GONE. right? We have a lot of Amish around here so if the youngsters dont farm the Amish will . and they never sell . Sheila

  5. joelw Says:

    Farm Preservation Trusts are a great way to preserve agricultural land and communities. Unfortunatley the wishes of previous geerations aren’t always followed. That is how we ended up with the log cabin! My great Uncle Norman (Pete as we called him)left this place to his grandchildren and Berea College to be managed as a Tree Farm. I don’t know exactly what happened legaly, but the short of it is his daughter sued, broke his will, and sold the farm and the timber. Just a streak of luck we were in a position to buy at auction.
    The Amish certainly are hard workers and seem to be good people. I am afraid they will be forced out through eminant domain and such as time goes on. Here the nicest farm in the whole county now has a federal prison on it. Taken by the government.
    Thanks for the comment and glad to have you reading, hope you enjoy!

  6. andy tyler Says:

    You would have plenty of time if stopped typing in front of your computer. What makes you think we want to hear your WHOLE life story in a tractor web site?

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