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Horse Cliffs


Really not a whole lot happening on the farm this week. I’ve been trying to put more of an emphasis on my fatherly duties for the moment. Having the weekends to spend with the kids was great. Now we are back on regular shifts at work and I am dreading not being able to get out with them this weekend. This Sunday we finally took our hike we’d been planing to the “horse cliffs”. It was a good walk and produced some tired children by the end of the afternoon. It also provided me with some great photos of the kids and the opportuity to teach them a few things. I think it’s important to learn about nature and it’s signs so we spent a good bit of time learning tree names and studying animal tracks. I even got to teach a bit of a history lesson as these rock shelters were used by confederate soldiers to hide their horses as they scouted for sign of union soldiers. I feel very fortunate to have them on our property.

The farm still requires the daily watering and feeding duties. I have got to find time to work with our horses more. They are getting a little out of hand since they haven’t been ridden much lately. I saddled up and rode around the farm for a couple hours one night last week and it is obvious to me if I don’t do something I’m going to be breaking them all over again. Still no rain to speak of here and the dust is terrible. The pad is done for the poultry houses and the building should begin this week.

I have been experiencing a little trouble with both our computers this week, so I bought a new one. Our previous computers had all been Dell for the last several years, but with having to replace the monitor and the modem on the last one at less than 3 months old I went with a Gateway this time. Just seems Dells quality went down lately.

We’ve been selling the topsoil that came from the area the poultry houses will go by the dump truck load. That means the 6000 has seen a pretty steady workout. Dave Rose has been hauling it for us. He couldn’t believe the loader on the 6000 would reach high enough to get over the sides of his big dump truck. He has a Kubota M4900 and the loader will not reach high enough to get over the side. Sometimes I just don’t know how I got by all this time without the 6000 and it’s loader.

Well I think I hear the school bus so I will go for now. As always be sure to check the site for pics I’ve added and check back soon. Thanks for reading!

5 Responses to “Horse Cliffs”

  1. Lella Says:

    Well, I am just going to have to send the picture of the 6000 reaching over the dump truck to a friend who drives those big chunky trucks. He will love it. I’ll send your site to him, actually. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

  2. sid Says:

    I enjoyed your blog very much. I have been looking a farm blog for a long time to get the idea how the farm life in USA is. I am originally from Bangladesh and I know about farmlife in there, more than 80% people depends on farm there. Thank you very much again for educating me about farm life.Thank you for wonderful pictures too.

    El Paso, Tx, USA

  3. joelw Says:

    Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoy. Hope your friend does too. Keep checking back!

    Good to have you reading. Wasn’t so long ago that most of the USA depended on farmers too. Seems to be mostly corporate agriculture succeeding in farming today. Glad you like the pictures. Keep checking back. I’ll be adding more. Thanks for the comment!

  4. msp Says:

    I enjoyed the \”down home\” way this blog unfolds. Reminds me of lots of the images and content posted at where there are many images from 19th century Kentucky and Ohio history. The whole fact that America is our heritage deserves a whole lot more attention than its getting. There is a website you\’all may enjoy too at which has a dedicated search called Lookout Point of the USDA Heritage and Organic farming web pages. Really liked your Blog. I will come back. MSP

  5. joelw Says:

    Thanks for the comment! Glad to have you reading! Check back soon!

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