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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had plenty to eat and it was good to take a day and reflect on all we have to be thankful for. The poultry houses are coming along nicely. Once the contractors started they haven’t left except for one day. They did take Thanksgiving day off. They have both buildings under roof now so the rain shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle. Surprisingly little left to do in the actual construction of the buildings. The electrical, the construction of the office, and the equipment installation will take a little while, but it’s looking like we may actually be done around the first of the year. I wish I had a dollar for every person who has driven by here slowly trying to figure out exactly what was going on here. The contractors being around provided me with the opportunity to use a skid steer to clean out the barn. I got the majority of it with the 6000 and the loader, but couldn’t get into some tight places.

Today I finally started building the rabbit cages. I’m figuring out quickly that I’m not much of a carpenter. Hopefully I can follow the plans in the book good enough that they will hold rabbits and keep water and wind out. It’s almost as if the rabbits are laughing at me. I see them over in the corner hiding their faces with their little paws. I figure they have to be laughing at me. Maybe I’ll get the rabbit cages built and get my tack room built in the other barn before we get the poultry houses finished.

We had scheduled the double-wide to be moved last weekend, but had to postpone it due to not having everything packed. The next available date is December. I’m just hoping BJ and the kids can have the things that have to be out packed by then. I know BJ is not thrilled about living so close to the poultry houses when they get birds in them.

I spent a little more time pressuring my local Mahindra dealer for his absolute best deal on a 7010 cab last week. We keep getting closer! I hate the thought of another winter out in the cold and snow feeding the animals. It doesn’t hurt that we could certainly use the tax deduction this year either. I’ll give him another jab one day this week and hopefully close the deal.

Well as always tons to do here so I will go for now. Be sure to check out the pics I’ve added and check back soon. Until next time stay safe!

9 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. paintsmh Says:

    Those are some impressive buildings!

  2. joelw Says:

    Thanks for the comment! The buildings get nearer to completion everyday. Check back soon!

  3. Kevin Says:

    It looks real good! Those poultry houses should have several years of use, and they look like you could adapt them for use with other stock (if you should ever need to).

    The weather is supposed to be nasty here over the weekend. (Rain, freezing rain, sleet.) Fortunately, depending on which weather forecaster you listen to, it sounds like no or minimumal accumulation here in west central Missouri.

    Remember, if those rabbits get to being too cocky, just tell them, “if you think you can do better, then just do it!” MMMMM!!! Fried rabbit, rabbit and dumplings, rabbit stew. Sorry, I got to thinking of alternative solutions to hutches.


  4. joelw Says:

    Thanks! I think the chickenhouses look pretty good. They certainly look better than some I’ve seen. These will have a 10 ft side wall which is higher than most. That greatly increases what could be done with them. Hopefully it never comes to that though.
    I’ve almost got those hutches built now. I’ve come too far to start thinking about alternatives. I’m sure I’d get a lot of protest from the kids too. They’ve actually made a little money selling their rabbits. Of course that’s easy to do when dad buys all the feed.

  5. Kevin Says:


    Yeah, that is the way it goes. The kids have Dad buy the livestock (usually out of his pocket), then they rely upon him for the feed (again either grown on the farm or bought with Dad’s money), and then when they sell off the animals or thier offspring the money is all thiers! My Father would have presented me with a bill of all of the feed he provided, and then I would learn the lesson of profit and loss, costs of production. Sometimes that is one of those lessons that kids can learn easiest when they see how much farming costs and how little return there can be in it. Thing of it is, very few farmers do it to get rich monetarily, most of them do it to be rich in other ways.


  6. Sheila Says:

    Thats what my parents did for us kids, they gave us the animal , feed , we tended them and did our chores on the farm , and than we got the check, BUT, you saved the money than, NOT spend it. but we didnt get an allowance. and you know what , some times the animal died. But thats how we learned the ins and outs of farming Sheila

  7. joelw Says:

    The way I see it even if I pay for everything they are still learning to work by taking care of them. That’s an investment I’m willing to make.

    With Garett I don’t have to make him save it. He’s a saver. Puts it in his piggy bank and usually forgets about it. Material things don’t seem to mean anything to him. The girls are a different story. They’re spenders. Long as they are learning it’s okay by me for them to do what they want with it.

  8. Rob Says:

    Hey there, Rabbit hutches look awesome. Any chance of us getting to see the plans? I been looking over hutch plans, and have bought wire and wood, but I\’m still not sure as to the design I want to go with.

    Great blog by the way and congratulations on your new tractor!

  9. joelw Says:

    I started with plans on my hutches, but decided not to follow them. I just built as I went, i do have a couple sets of plans I’ll try to get a picture of up as time allows. Thanks for the comment! I’m loving the new tractor!

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