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New Arrival

Still terribly busy here on the farm. There is so much to do I don’t know where to start. For the first time ever I am overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. I’m starting to lose sleep at night knowing all that needs to be done. The movers came and moved the double-wide. That means all that’s involved with the move goes right to the top of the list. Atleast we’ve had great weather for the move. Temps today were in the  70′s . That’s a far cry from the 9 degree low we experienced last week. Tonight the forecast is for 50 mph winds and thunderstorms. I never remember thunderstorms in January. I geuss I shouldn’t be surprised though since snow is forecast for the weekend.


The poultry house project has ground to a halt. Everyone left just before christmas and noone has returned. I was warned this would happen. The contractor we are using is 4 State Poultry. They are based in Arkansas. They have completely dropped the ball. Noone is set to return until this Saturday. That’s almost 3 weeks with no work being done. To me that’s unacceptable. Cobb begins paying upon completion of the houses regardless of the when they place birds. So there is no way around the fact that 4 State is costing us money. Cobb has started bringing signs and locks. The kids think that it’s really cool to have our farm name on a sign.

On a bright note, I must have been an awfully good boy this year. I say that because shortly after christmas I got one of the neatest gifts ever. After 2 years of kicking the tires on the 7010 cab I finally got one. BJ got together with my dad and made a deal we could all live with. I’ve only had time to put a few hours on it, but in what little time I’ve spent on it I’m impressed. It’s got lots of power and some great features. I can’t wait to get it in the hay field! I also got the ML170 loader, bale spear, and pallet forks. The dealer forgot my pallet forks when he delivered so I’m going to have to make a trip to pick them up.

Be sure to check back soon and check out the pics I’ve added. I’ll be posting pictures of all the work that’s going on and pics of the 7010 as I get time.

15 Responses to “New Arrival”

  1. Ian Says:

    Very pleased to see youve finally got a decent cab on your tractor. The amount of work you did with the cabless one was astonishing and Im sure you will really appreciate some cover from the elements. Cant think of anyone else I know who deserves and upgrade as much !!

  2. TruNorth Farm Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and really like it a lot. Congrats on your new tractor – couldn’t happen to a more deserving harder working guy – speaking of the tractor – as busy as you are I’d consider request ing those folks make another trip to deliver the missing attachment to you – doesn’t seem like you have a whole lot of free time and probably don’t want to spend what little you have doing something they should’ve done – plus money on gas!
    Good luck with the new tractor, can’t wait to see pics of all the cool stuff you’ll be doing.

  3. joelw Says:

    Thanks for the nice comment. It’s one of the nicest ever. I’m not sure I deserve the new tractor, but I’ll take it. I just couldn’t stand the cold any more. Still kinda partial to the 6000. The 7010 sure is nice though. I don’t know if I’ll ever use to all those features. I’ll sure use the heat you can bet on that. The lighting is great too. Sure is nice to feed in the dark, cold, and rain. Check back soon there’s lots happening to tell about!

    Tru North Farm,
    Thanks for reading! I don’t know about the deserving hard working guy part, but I try. Granny always said idle hands are the devil’s playground. Granny Ball was an amazing woman. She farmed (a real farm) and taught school while raising 5 kids. My grandpa left here to work in the factories in Cincinatti Ohio, he only got home on weekends to help.
    Wes (Valley Farm Equipment) had the forks delivered before I got a chance to get up there to get them. He brought me filters for the 6000 too. That means more work to do. Thanks for the comment. Check back soon!

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Just kinda wandered up on your blog..I know what you mean about the weather..Here in Tennessee it has been crazy..I am glad that you got this new tractor..A good one! I don’t know if you have yahoo but you can see my page at yahoo 360..Bonnies Walk With Jesus..My name on yahoo is God bless you and your family..Good pictures of your farm and the children..

  5. Kevin Says:

    Hi Joel!

    Glad you got that new 7010! The past week has got me wishing for warmer climates. (It was down in the negative degree zone this morning. The coldest of the year, so far.) Did you get AC on that 7010, or are you going to come in hot and sweaty after haying in August? (I know a lot of people would say, “why is he worried about AC in January?” If they ever worked sun up to sun down putting up hay in 90 degree weather with 90 percent humidity they would know why.)

    Now you need to get BJ and your Dad to go work out a deal on your smaller utility tractor.

    Sorry to hear that 4 States has left you high and dry for the past few weeks. Unfortunately that is the way those things go. The contractor’s help wants to take a vacation when they are only a couple of weeks short of completion, it doesn’t matter to them that they are causing you to miss a month or two of pay from Cobb.

    I was looking at your sign, but couldn’t make out everything on it. Would you let us know what some of the requirements for visitors are for the poultry houses? (Obvisouly, you can not allow everyone to go traipsing through them, just like you wouldn’t allow anyone you didn’t know to walk through your house.) I know that a lot of biosecure areas issue things like the disposal coveralls, booties and caps to prevent pathogen contamination from outside sources, are you going to have to be up to that level?

    Well, just keep on working at it and eventually you’ll get everything done, and then a new project will present itself!


  6. Asheville Farm, NC Says:

    I really enjoy following your farm’s progress and appreciate how candid you are about the struggles that arise. Keep plugging away. We’re rootin’ for you.

  7. Wade Huntsinger Says:

    Hey bud, just came across your site and I loved it. It is unique to see a fellow raising his kids w/o a mention to a mom, but I pray for continued blessings. It appears you do a good job at it. I enjoy and will continue enjoy your blog as I have added you to my frequent reads. Good job friend and may God bless

  8. Drew Says:

    Howdy :)

    I stumbled across you blog and it made me think of a little game i played a while back that i thought you and the kids might enjoy:

    Best of luck with the farm and i hope you enjoy the game :) .

  9. OldSchool Says:

    Love your blog

  10. Kyle Says:

    Sorry to bother you Joel, I know how busy you are, but my website has changed. Check it out when you get the chance!

  11. Tina Says:

    really enjoy your blog. love seeing all the wonderful projects you have going on….. lovely land/farm in a beautiful area of the country.
    My husband Paul and I publish an online e-zine every other month, and were wondering if you’d like to submit an article about your farm.
    To see an issue of the magazine you can visit the website at:
    or email me at the email address I have left here.
    Good luck to you with the poultry housing project. A big undertaking for sure, but it looks like tremendous progress is being made and that you will have a very nice facility.
    Best of wishes to you and your darling family.
    ~Tina W. ( assistant editor of “Small Town Living Magazine”)

  12. joelw Says:

    Things seem to finally be coming together for me on the chickenhouses. I’ll get a better picture of the sign. We will have clothes in the chickenhouses that never leave the houses. there will be a washing machine and dryer inside and those clothes will be laundered inside the clean area. There are also seperate boots for each house and a pair for the common area of the houses.

    Asheville Farm,
    Thanks for the comment I need all the rooting for me I can get. When you’re this deep in it you have to keep treading water or you’ll drown. Thanks for the comment!

    Thanks for the compliments, but it’s not all me. I have a ton of help. Bj (kids mom) does a lot, as do my parents. This is the only joint custody arrangement that I know of that’s worked out like it should. She spends a lot of time with the kids and so do I. I wish i could say the same about my other daughter (Katie). Her mother is completely out of the picture and yet her grandmother rarely lets her come as often as we’d like. Father’s have no rights it seems!

    Thanks for the link. I passed it on to the kids. Thanks for the comment!

    Old School,
    Thanks, glad you enjoy! Come back often!

    No bother! I’ll cruise over and check out your site.

    Thanks for the compliments. I’d love to submit an article for your magazine! Right now I’m a little short on time, but that should change some as soon as the chickenhouses are built and I actually get chickens. Thanks for the comment and you’ll be hearing from me soon!

  13. joelw Says:

    Thanks for the comment! You’re close enough you can understand what the weather is like here. Looks like we’re going to get some more 50+ degree days next week. I’ll take that over the 9 degree low we had earlier this week, how bout you? Nice site you have. Keep me in your prayers!

  14. william drake Says:

    hi: i see somebody asked if you got AC. i got a new 7010 the problem i have it won\’t warm up in cold weather. had this problem since it was new. been in contact with mahindra, but can\’t get them to fix it. so its just like a tractor with out a cab.

  15. joelw Says:

    What’s your dealer say about this problem? If the dealer won’t help you get it fixed get in touch with the service rep for your area. I’ve had a few warranty claims with Mahindra and never had a problem getting them taken care of.

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