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Spare time has been virtually non existent for me lately. Both BJ and Madison celebrated birthday’s this month. The work on the chickenhouses continues. A different problem arises everyday. My mom called me from Owen county to tell me that my late brother’s dog was sick. She told me that if Rebel stood a chance I needed to come take him to a vet. Of course I went to get him. Rebel was just a cute little boxer pup when Josh brought him home. He’s 8 or 9 in people years now. He’s developed skin cancers and now testicular cancer. This last round he had to have a 3 pound tumor and both testicles removed. I just couldn’t stand to see him put down. He’s all we have left besides the memories of Josh. He seems to be doing real good here on the farm.

Madison didn’t have such a good birthday this year. BJ was taking her to pick out a cake when she lost control of the car on slick roads. Thank goodness noone was hurt seriously. Mattie ended up with seat belt burn on her belly and BJ bumped her head. Makayla is a little sore. She took a pretty bad fall at cheerleading practice last week and now the car accident. The car didn’t fare so well. I believe it’s a total loss. We’re trying to decide what to do for transportation next. We still have “old blue” (the Chevy truck) and the Trans Am, but neither have very much room in them. I’m leaning toward finding another Pontiac Grand Prix like the one we had and keeping the wreck for a parts car.


The weather has been brutal. We’ve seen lows in the single digits twice now. Several nights have been in the teens as well. That’s just too cold for me. Makes me ache all over when I come in and finally get warm. Got lots of wood split to keep warm though. With the move of the double-wide we’ve yet to get the underpinning back up. Bj called this morning to tell me the water was frozen there. Took it until almost noon to thaw out. After not paying the rent for the last 3 months the folks renting our rental trailer finally moved out. That’s a huge relief! It will mean more work, but maybe I can get someone in there that is willing to work on the farm to pay their rent.

Even in the winter weather, rain, and snow feeding hay to the animals has not seemed like work. The cab is great! I don’t know how I made it all this time without it. The loader on the new 7010 has the skid steer quick attach and that makes changing between the bucket, bale spear, and pallet forks a breeze. These new pallet forks are so much better than the old floating ones I have for the 6000. I like them so much I doubt the bale spear will get much use. I’ve only put a little over 20 hours on the 7010, but I absolutely love it. If the new 8560 is as nice as the 7010 I’d say Mahindra has a real winner on their hands. Hopefully I’ll get to see it at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville Ky. next month.

Well as always I have so much to do it’s ridiculous so I’ll stop typing and get to work on something. Thanks for reading and come back soon. Be sure to check out the pics I’ve added to the site.

17 Responses to “January”

  1. Rick Young Says:


    I just wanted to say your story is a wonderful thing in my life right now, you see my wife is dying from a brain tumor and she loves for me to read to her. I just finished a book a couple of days ago and was wondering what I could find next. I wanted something lighthearted yet meaningful, something that would bring a smile to her face. Believe me that is hard to do right now. I stumbled into your Blog and thought it would be great to read this to her, you see we are only 53 years old and have talked about someday retiring to a small place and raise some goats. I want to thank you for bringing a smile to her face and a few ahhhh’s as I read her your story. I’m up to Jan 2006 and they say she has only 2 or 3 weeks left so I shouldn’t run out of story before she leaves. I wish you all the best and thank you for brightening my wife’s face and filling her heart with joy if only for a little while.


    Rick and Dolores

  2. joelw Says:

    Rick and Dolores,
    I’m truly touched! You have no idea how good it makes me feel to know that Dolores is smiling. If nothing else comes of this blog that’s enough! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Michael Says:


    Thank you for posting this journal. I am a city dweller, so the farm life is foreign to me. I often find myself wishing I lived in a rural place, to get away from all the chaos and insanity here, but your blog reminds me that it’s all relative.

    I’ve also just returned from a 5-month trip to India, where your Mahindra is originally from. The Indian people I met along the way had such an impact on me that I find myself rooting for Indian companies. We’re really all in this together. Aren’t we?

    Good luck. By the way, I found your blog because of Google. I didn’t search.. it just showed up as a link in my G-mail account, apparently because of the words “rural,” and “mahindra” in e-mails I’ve written. Yes, it’s getting a little weird, but I’m glad to have found your blog (we take the good with the bad).

    -Michael, Philadelphia

  4. joelw Says:

    First off thanks for the comment. I believe there is a lot of chaos regardless of where you find yourself these days. The world is growing economicaly and this global economy is really putting a strain on people. I like to think that India is a friend to the US. I know the people I’ve met seem very committed to making a good product and seeing it through to the customer. Oddly enough I kind of see India being where we were in this country not so long ago. Hope you like the blog and will become a regular reader.

  5. Cindy S Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I can identify with so many parts of it. Trudging out to feed the animals in the crazy weather, always having too much to do and dividing time between work and farm work. It’s soooo much easier in the summer when it’s still light when I get home.

  6. Wade Huntsinger Says:

    Wow, that first response is awesome. What a difference you are making in someones life. I too enjoy the blog about the family and the farm. I wish the childrens home that God put us has something to do with a farm. I hope one day that we can combine the two. Continued blessings and i too will add the dear man and his wife to my prayers.

  7. Jim Says:

    glad to hear yall are doing well.glad to her noone was hurt in the oops.looks like you will be ready for chickens soon. by the way what program do u use to do this web site.well be safe and god bles.

  8. Spike Says:

    This is really a great idea for a blog. It affords people a chance to see a different way of living. Farming is no walk in the park.

    I have a friend who is a dairy farmer in central Michigan and he is always busy. Such is the life a farmer. Such is life in general perhaps. Always on.

  9. Penny Raine Says:

    I love reading about your adventures. When I get overwhelmed with the work around our farm I read about someone elses! Crazy huh?

  10. Penny Raine Says:

    P.S. how bout some cute spotted ponies? they would look good at your place, ha ha, I have several I need to sell.
    blessings, Penny Raine

  11. Leora Says:

    Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog while doing some research for my boss! LOL! It’s great! I have horses and live in the country (work in the city) and boy do I feel some of your pain and some of your joy too…especially in the wintertime. Well, thanks for giving me some pleasure while I’m at work!

  12. paintsmh Says:

    Poor dog.

    And poor family. Those are the kind of days you wish you hadn’t bothered to get out of bed!

  13. Kevin Says:

    It was a blessing that no one was seriously hurt, and just looking at the pictures of the car makes me think it is probably repairable. Only question is cost and value of the car. (If the value of the car is less than repairs, unless the rest of the car is in superior condition, you probably will be ahead finding one with a blown motor/transaxle that the owner is willing to sell. WATCH OUT FOR CARS THAT HAVE BEEN FLOODED! Since Katrina there have been hundreds of them slipping onto the market.)
    I’m glad you are trying to give Josh’s dog a chance. I had one of my sister’s cats come down with congestive heart failure about a year after my sister had died. I spent several hundred dollars in vet and medication bills trying to keep Samantha alive, but after five months of fighting the good fight she couldn’t carry on any longer.
    Rick and Dolores, I am sorry to hear about your illness, and hope that the good Lord helps give you as many good days as he can and that your pain is limited. I had a good friend who’s wife went through the brain tumor problem as well. She had surgery a number of times to remove parts of it, but unfortunately because of where it was they could never get it all, and it wasn’t responsive to chemo or radiation. After several years, and many changes in thier lives, Jim lost Bev. May God bless you both!
    Take of yourselves, and try to have some fun! I know how hard that can be when the weather is as nasty as it has been.

  14. Kevin Says:

    Whenever you get around to advertise for help, make sure to make it clear that this is a JOB with housing provided, and not housing in exchange for some work. If you don’t you won’t believe the deadbeats and layabouts that will come out of the woodwork wanting a place to stay without concerns of “paying thier way.” (You might even have a doper or two come around looking for a place to cook thier meth or grow some pot! It has happened to a few farmers in this area.)

  15. joelw Says:

    Thanks for the comment! Glad to know it’s not just me who needs more hours in the day. Check back soon!

    Thanks for the comment! Hope things work out for combining the childrens home and farming. I think it’s a wonderful combination. Hope you enjoy the blog!

    Other than being absolutely exhausted both mentally and physically we are making it. Looks like chickens are coming on the 28th! This is a Word Press format. Thanks for reading!

    Thanks for noticing this is no walk in the park. Glad you like the blog. Everybody should spend a day with a farmer. I think life in general is too busy as time progresses. Thanks for the comment and glad to have you reading!

    Maybe I should try that! Next time I’m feeling overwhelmed I’ll just read about what’s overwhelming you! You better not let Madison know about those ponies. She’d buy them all! Our neighbor bought a jack and Madison promptly declared she was buying it from him. Needless to say we now own a jack. Thanks for the comment and glad to have you reading!

    Glad to have you reading. Remind your boss it’s just research. Glad to know I can atleast lighten up a hard day’s work. Check back soon!

    It sure would have helped my wallet out if we hadn’t bothered to get out of bed that day. Thanks for the comment!

    You’re right about thaking the man up above that noone was hurt. The property owner told us he’d seen a lot of them on their top right there where she wrecked. I could fix the car, but it would cost more than $3000 so I figured I would just keep it for parts. Rebel is hanging in there. He’s actually getting back to his old self. Unfortunately that means he’s getting to be a handful again. Thanks for the kind words for Rick and Delores! I’m convinced that this rental deal will never be anything more than a headache. I like to refer to this as the welfare capital of the world! Plenty of dopers and lowlifes to go around.

  16. Mommy Cracked Says:

    I just stumbled into your blog and have enjoyed reading it so much! You sure stay busy!

  17. joelw Says:

    Mommy Cracked,
    Glad you enjoy the blog! Good to have you reading. Check back soon!

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