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Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Spare time has been virtually non existent for me lately. Both BJ and Madison celebrated birthday’s this month. The work on the chickenhouses continues. A different problem arises everyday. My mom called me from Owen county to tell me that my late brother’s dog was sick. She told me that if Rebel stood a chance I needed to come take him to a vet. Of course I went to get him. Rebel was just a cute little boxer pup when Josh brought him home. He’s 8 or 9 in people years now. He’s developed skin cancers and now testicular cancer. This last round he had to have a 3 pound tumor and both testicles removed. I just couldn’t stand to see him put down. He’s all we have left besides the memories of Josh. He seems to be doing real good here on the farm.

Madison didn’t have such a good birthday this year. BJ was taking her to pick out a cake when she lost control of the car on slick roads. Thank goodness noone was hurt seriously. Mattie ended up with seat belt burn on her belly and BJ bumped her head. Makayla is a little sore. She took a pretty bad fall at cheerleading practice last week and now the car accident. The car didn’t fare so well. I believe it’s a total loss. We’re trying to decide what to do for transportation next. We still have “old blue” (the Chevy truck) and the Trans Am, but neither have very much room in them. I’m leaning toward finding another Pontiac Grand Prix like the one we had and keeping the wreck for a parts car.


The weather has been brutal. We’ve seen lows in the single digits twice now. Several nights have been in the teens as well. That’s just too cold for me. Makes me ache all over when I come in and finally get warm. Got lots of wood split to keep warm though. With the move of the double-wide we’ve yet to get the underpinning back up. Bj called this morning to tell me the water was frozen there. Took it until almost noon to thaw out. After not paying the rent for the last 3 months the folks renting our rental trailer finally moved out. That’s a huge relief! It will mean more work, but maybe I can get someone in there that is willing to work on the farm to pay their rent.

Even in the winter weather, rain, and snow feeding hay to the animals has not seemed like work. The cab is great! I don’t know how I made it all this time without it. The loader on the new 7010 has the skid steer quick attach and that makes changing between the bucket, bale spear, and pallet forks a breeze. These new pallet forks are so much better than the old floating ones I have for the 6000. I like them so much I doubt the bale spear will get much use. I’ve only put a little over 20 hours on the 7010, but I absolutely love it. If the new 8560 is as nice as the 7010 I’d say Mahindra has a real winner on their hands. Hopefully I’ll get to see it at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville Ky. next month.

Well as always I have so much to do it’s ridiculous so I’ll stop typing and get to work on something. Thanks for reading and come back soon. Be sure to check out the pics I’ve added to the site.

New Arrival

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Still terribly busy here on the farm. There is so much to do I don’t know where to start. For the first time ever I am overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. I’m starting to lose sleep at night knowing all that needs to be done. The movers came and moved the double-wide. That means all that’s involved with the move goes right to the top of the list. Atleast we’ve had great weather for the move. Temps today were in the  70′s . That’s a far cry from the 9 degree low we experienced last week. Tonight the forecast is for 50 mph winds and thunderstorms. I never remember thunderstorms in January. I geuss I shouldn’t be surprised though since snow is forecast for the weekend.


The poultry house project has ground to a halt. Everyone left just before christmas and noone has returned. I was warned this would happen. The contractor we are using is 4 State Poultry. They are based in Arkansas. They have completely dropped the ball. Noone is set to return until this Saturday. That’s almost 3 weeks with no work being done. To me that’s unacceptable. Cobb begins paying upon completion of the houses regardless of the when they place birds. So there is no way around the fact that 4 State is costing us money. Cobb has started bringing signs and locks. The kids think that it’s really cool to have our farm name on a sign.

On a bright note, I must have been an awfully good boy this year. I say that because shortly after christmas I got one of the neatest gifts ever. After 2 years of kicking the tires on the 7010 cab I finally got one. BJ got together with my dad and made a deal we could all live with. I’ve only had time to put a few hours on it, but in what little time I’ve spent on it I’m impressed. It’s got lots of power and some great features. I can’t wait to get it in the hay field! I also got the ML170 loader, bale spear, and pallet forks. The dealer forgot my pallet forks when he delivered so I’m going to have to make a trip to pick them up.

Be sure to check back soon and check out the pics I’ve added. I’ll be posting pictures of all the work that’s going on and pics of the 7010 as I get time.

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