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Daylight to Dark

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Trying to wrap up all that needs to be done at the chickenhouses has kept me very busy. Disinfecting is set for the 18th and chickens are coming the 28th. There is tons to do before then. Seems there is time to sleep and work, that is all. Between the weather and the flu the kids have been home quite a bit so atleast I am getting to see them. They have been lucky not to get down too bad with the flu that is going around. Illness has caused the schools to close twice in the last two weeks. Garett and Madison have been hanging out with me at the chickenhouses quite a bit. We have internet and are in the process of getting Dish Network so they won’t be too bored. Hopefully I can make the chickenhouses a home away from home since I’ll be spending so much time there.

I did take time to spend the day at the Lake Cumberland Livestock Auction a couple Saturdays ago. We picked up 3 bred cows. Madison has named them all. There is a young black cow that is 1-3 months which Madison promptly named Oprah. There is an older red and white faced hereford cow that’s 7-9 she named Dixie. Then there is a younger solid red cow that’s 4-6 she has named Rosie. I was hoping to buy cows with calves at side or trios, but there didn’t seem to be too many head cows. There were lots of feeders, but I’m hoping to build a herd fairly quickly so I’ve been opting for older cows. I’ve heard lots of horror stories about first calf heifers. My mom wants to buy some younger cattle so maybe we’ll end up with some of both. Feeder prices are rising steadily, but head cows seem to be rising a little slower. One highlight of our day was I ran into a friend I had worked with for the last several years. Melvin is an older fellow who I respect immensely. He was raised through the school of hard knocks. He has virtually no formal education, but has made a decent life for himself and can fix almost anything.

We fixed our transportation problem. I picked up another 98 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. This one has less miles and a sunroof. The kids love the sunroof. My thinking on this was that I have all the parts to fix anything that might go wrong with this one. So far everything works good though. I found this one on Ebay of all places. I was a little hesitant to go this route, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a fellow kentuckian with what I needed. Ebay is one of those places where you meet both the best and the worst people out there.


Mom and Dad have a place in Owenton,Ky. Mom had gone back with dad for a few days, but started missing the grandchildren so we met them in Lexington, Ky and brought her back. While we were there we visited with my brother Paul. We had dinner at Chili’s and spent about an hour talking. Hopefully this spring and summer Paul will come and swap me some help in the garden for fresh vegetables. On our trip I noticed they are tearing down the stockyard in Garrard county. That stockyard is famous around here because John Michael Montgomery shot the video to his song “Sold” there. I thought it was pretty cool someone had spray painted RIP Garrard Stockyards on the front gates.

The 7010 has a leaking O ring on the loader valve so it’s out of commission for the moment. I’ve been in touch with the dealer and KMW. Both have promised an O ring is on the way, but it has yet to materialize. I can’t find one local that is the correct size. While at the dealer I picked up a couple of balls for the 3 point hitch arms. For the first time I found an unreasonable price on a Mahindra part. These balls are like $35 a peice. I’m checking with TYM to see what their price is. Since this is a TYM sourced part that may be the cause. Wouldn’t you know the weather would turn cold just when I need a tractor. Good thing I got the 6000 all spruced up. We took about 6 hours one day and greased every fitting on it, gave it a bath, and adjusted the brakes. It wouldn’t have taken so long, but neglect had set in on the loader pins. I ended up driving 4 or 5 of them out, sanding them down, and changing the grease fittings. Now every one of them is taking grease like it’s supposed to.


My neighbor Dennis Troxell called one evening last week with a cow down. She had trouble calving and cannot stand. We were able to get her in the bucket of the 6000 and take her to the barn where she won’t freeze to death. According to the vet she’s swollen inside and that’s causing temporary paralysis when she tries to stand.

The weather here is different every day. Today there is snow on the ground and a forecasted high in the 20′s. Yesterday it was 68 degrees. I’m ready for spring! I don’t mind the cold nearly as bad when it just stays cold. Well I better get some work done! Be sure to check out the pics I’ve added!


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