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Getting Better All The Time

Things are looking up for the farm. It’s not nearly as crazy here. The chickens have kind of settled into a routine. All the equipment has cooperated since I last posted too. Eggs are starting to pick up. Yesterday we gathered about 600 from both houses. Still a far cry from the 12,000 that should come at about 30 weeks, but atleast we are getting some. Lots of the eggs are being layed on the slats or in the shavings right now since the chickens are young. Hopefully as they get older they will make their way to the nest. We have tenatively agreed to keep a diary for Farm and Ranch Living magazine in September so sometime after then you can look for us in the magazine.

We took some time off on Sunday to attend Bethel Baptist Church for Easter services. I hadn’t been to church in a while and I really enjoyed it. The kids got to hunt Easter eggs and go to “lil church”. They have a special kids church in the back. It’s great that emphasis is being put on the little ones and teaching on their level. Gives the adults a break too. You don’t have to worry with fidgeting children you can relax and enjoy the sermon. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Not only the spring time weather and coloring eggs, but the real significance of the holiday. It seems to be less tainted than some of the other holidays. You can still say Happy Easter without offending anyone, I think. My brother Paul and his wife came to visit and eat dinner Sunday too. It was good to see him. It had been a while. I’m hoping since he got a new car he will come visit more often. Then maybe I can trick him into helping me out around the farm.

Monday morning BJ had a chiropractic appointment and I needed to get grass seed so I offered to drive her. I got up at regular time and did all the feeding as usual and then we spent the rest of the morning bouncing around Somerset. We stopped at Tractor Supply Company and amazingly I only spent $20. Maybe I should leave the kids behind more often. Who am I kidding I’m worse than they are about spending money on toys. My toys usually consist of tools and tractor stuff so they’re way more expensive. We stopped at Southern States Cooperative and picked up all the grass seed we’re going to need for the acreage we cleared last fall. We’re putting it in an orchard grass/clover mix. That way it should be good pasture for anything we want to put on it and should be high quality hay if we decide to use it for hay. Then we made our way up to Valley Farm Equipment to see Wes for a FEL hose for the 7010. We stopped and got a bite to eat, but as always we couldn’t agree where we wanted to eat so we ended up sitting in the truck with drive thru from Hardee’s and Burger King. Bj is big on Hardee’s ham and cheese sandwiches. I don’t particularly care for Hardee’s except at breakfast then it’s my favorite. I’m fond of the new BBQ Bacon Tendercrisp sandwich at Burger King.

Seems like a lot of people are following this presidential election closer than usual. I agree with a lot of the people who are saying this country is at crossroads. This next president has a lot of work to do. Myself I am still undecided. I am a registered Republican because almost all the local elections are decided at the primary and the majority of the candidates are Republican. I have strong ties to Democratic values and come from a long line of Democrats. It’s so much more difficult than Democrat or Republican though. As a farmer I see the need for immigration and migrant labor, but know companies abuse it. From a tax standpoint I’d be much better off to vote Republican. Democrats are much more friendly to labor unions and I have strong beliefs in rights to organize. I believe in our 2nd ammendment rights to own a gun as do Republicans. So I geuss I’ll follow this thing all the way to the end before I decide.

Yesterday was shaping up to be a good day. My dad came down and spent some time helping me trace down a short in a fan at the chickenhouse. That gave us an opportunity to talk and for him to see how much time I’m spending busting my backside here. I think we both came away from it with a better understanding of what we expect from each other. We’ve agreed on a salary that is a minimum I will receive plus a bonus if we get any egg bonus. The money for the grass seed came from the farm account too. We both want this farm to build some operating capital and to be self sufficient. We have talked about building a second set of these houses and bringing my older brother in to run them if he wants to.

I say yesterday was shaping up to be a good day because everything was clicking right along until we broke the tie rod mount on the 7010. My dad and I headed off to disc the 20 acres we cleared in the fall with discs on the 7010 and the 6000. I was getting all the rough and tight spots with the 6000 and the lift disc while he was doing the main part with the pull type disc on the 7010. I’d forgotten how much I like the 6000 and it’s sheer bulletproof simplicity. I noticed I hadn’t seen my dad in a while. Then I saw him walking toward me. I thought “this can’t be good”. He said we got trouble and I thought he had turned it over because a part of it is steep. Turned out that he had turned a tight left and the tie rod mount broke loose from the axle. It took him a few minutes to figure out what had happened. This will be the second trip to Valley Farm Equipment in less than a week. Earlier in the week I had to get a FEL hose replaced on the 7010.

Well as always lots to do here so I better get busy. We have set up a yahoo! mail account for those of you who wish to contact us in a less public way. Just send mail to and be sure to check out all the pics I’ve added to the site! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!



32 Responses to “Getting Better All The Time”

  1. paintsmh Says:

    I’m glad that, aside from the breakdown, your week seems to be going better. It is nice to hear that someone’s is.

    And I know completely how you feel about not wanting to pick a candidate yet. Personally I’d like to throw out pretty much everyone that is left and start over.

  2. joelw Says:

    I’m with you! Let’s just start over. There has got to be someone out there who I’ll want to vote for. Right now I’d probably be voting against one more than for the other.
    Hope my bad luck is over. Can’t stand much more of these breakdowns. Dealer still has not come to pick up the 7010. Probably end up like last time. I’ll have to drag it to him to get it fixed. I hope not I had a blowout on the trailer last week and had to order a rim and tire. That means I have no way to transport it until the rim and tire get here. Thanks for commenting! This seems to be my only contact with the outside world anymore so keep it coming.

  3. Jim Says:

    Joelw,glad to here things are looking up , I knew yall would start getting it to gether.Im sure your little girl will start to see shes got a real good life not all kids can say that in this day and age. hope your tractor gets fixed soon. By the way im back to work we bought a new 2007 387 peterbilt. payments are alittle more than i would like but im hoping it will stay out of the shop more than the freightliners do and the ditchs lol.trucks dont fly real well. my dads talking about getting in to the hay biz.dont know how that will go.well need to get some slep before i got to drive to night we are going to mass from springfield,mo. hope you are well god bless you all.

  4. joelw Says:

    Good to hear you’re back at it! Hope you like the new truck. Try to keep this one on the ground and out of the ditches. I know it’s rough with all the crazies on the road today. Hope these fuel prices aren’t hurting you as bad as they are some. My neighbor is a broker. I think that’s the right term. He owns a trucking company, but has independent operators that do the work. Most of his stuff is produce. He moved here from Arizona. At any rate he said he’s losing truckers every day because they are just parking their rigs due to fuel prices. The hay biz is a good way to get poor. Sometimes I wish I’d never got in it. I believe it’s cheaper to buy it. Stay safe out there! Thanks for the comment!

  5. paintsmh Says:

    My only contact with the outside world is blogging too, though lately i have been to exhausted to do a post. I no sooner get off from the farm I am doing my internship on and I go to work on my family’s farm. Makes for a lot of 18+ hour days. Which leads to less than 6 hours of sleep. And I don’t run well on that little.

    Hope you don’t have to drag the tractor down. That would be ugly. My boss asked if I wanted to head to western NY with him and his son today to get the baler fixed. Tried to entice me to go with free BBQ, but even the BBQ they were planning to have wasn’t enough to get me to want to ride for 6 hours out and another 4 back with a baler.

  6. joelw Says:

    We must not be normal. Someone asked me why I don’t just sell all this farming stuff and buy me a bass boat. I just laughed and said then what would I do with all my time? They suggested sitting on the porch with my feet propped up. I replied I can’t do that. They wanted to know how I knew I couldn’t since I had never tried.
    I think I would’ve took the trip just to get to take a nap! Sleep 6 hours, wake up, eat, go back to sleep for another 4 hours. That would be like 3 nights worth of sleep for me. I stayed up until 11:30 helping Garett with his homework Thursday night and then got up at 4:00. I told him he has to stop putting it off until the last night. Sometimes it gets rough, but if you ask me it’s a lot better than going to work and coming home to lay on the couch.

  7. paintsmh Says:

    I don’t think it is that there is anything wrong with us. It is that we are farmers, and it is much easier to turn a computer on, communicate via email and not have to shower/ and change if we don’t want to (and we can just ignore the “world” and go to bed if we want to this way.) Where as if we headed into town to be sociable we would generally have to shower, change and then drive all the way in. Or I have to at least. And for me, being as it is winter, short of going to a bar (so not my thing) or the movies (which there is nothing i want to see playing) there is NOTHING to do this time of year. Late April early May rodeos and truck/tractor pulls start back up. THEN i go out a whole bunch. And when the first fairs hit in July, forget it I am so gone.

    And while the trip would have been okay, I definitely would not have gotten to nap. My bosses are very very new to dairy farming. I may only be 21 but I have been working with cattle my whole life. It would have been a trapped in the truck for 10 hours quiz-a-thon. And as my dad and brother weren’t home, I just did all the feeding with the cows and such, and slept for five hours.

    Can you tell my brother just to DO his homework? He’s a senior and has definitely got senioritis bone deep. He hasn’t done homework for weeks.

  8. Ray Says:

    So – you are rasing the chickens for the eggs and not as meat birds. Interesting… Things still going well? Increasing production levels on the eggs hopefully?

  9. James Says:

    Glad to see things are looking up. It’s got to be a steep learning curve but it looks things are going your way. What do you plan on doing with the manure when you clean the houses down here in south Ga. there is lots of demand for it most are using it on their pasture.

  10. joelw Says:

    It’s definately easier to turn on the computer than deal with someone in person. I hardly ever find a time I can ignore the world though and even less time to go to bed. I’m not into the bar scene either. All I ever seemed to find in a bar was trouble and a headache. Really not many rodeos and even fewer truck & tractor pulls around these parts. Only a couple of fairs. My county didn’t even have a fair until 3 or 4 years ago.
    You must not be a sound sleeper. I could’ve climbed in the truck with those guys and been asleep in 10 minutes. They could’ve talked all they wanted. I would’ve slept right on. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal out of it though. Atleast you got a 5 hour nap.
    Ah, senioritis, can’t say I blame him much. Too much fun to be had. Who’s got time for homework at that age?
    Thanks for the comment! Try not to work too hard!

    Yep, this is a breeder house. These eggs go to the hatchery. Things are doing fairly well for now, but I keep waiting for the next catstrophic failure. Egg production is up to almost 20%. Won’t be long before I’m swimming in eggs. Thanks for the comment!

    There is some learning curve, but I’m still at the point I just don’t know how much of it I still have to climb. I’ll spread what manure my pastures will hold on my own and then sell or trade the rest for hay. With fertilizer prices going so high I bet folks will be looking for an alternative. Thanks for the comment!

  11. Paige Says:

    I\’ll be sure to look for ya in Farm & Ranch. That should be pretty exciting for you and your family, I would think.

  12. paintsmh Says:

    LOL Mike would have kept me awake if it meant making me sit on a bed of coals. And during the day I can only sleep if i curl up someplace quiet, or in my “chair” at the fair (the “chair” being the curve of my show cows neck)

    And I cannot imagine not having a county fair. It would kill me. I live for showing stock at the fairs. And they are just SO fun!

  13. joelw Says:

    We’re very excited. The whole family has read those diaries for ages. Now we get to keep one. Lots of cleaning up to do before then. Thanks for the comment!

  14. paintsmh Says:

    Went to a dairy consignment sale at my college yesterday. Prices were CRAZY!!!

  15. Kevin Says:

    Hi Joel,

    Glad things seem to be getting a lot less crazy, but there always seems to be another monkey wrench falling into the works when you’re a farmer.

    Hopefully you got the tie rod bracket repaired and finished up the seeding. Around here the grass is starting to green up, but the ground is still too wet to get out and do much. We’ve been getting one or two days of clear weather, and then one or two of rain or overcast. Plus the temps haven’t warmed up all that much, so the ground really isn’t ready to work yet.

    You’re right about the haying business being a changing dollars for dollars business, especially if you are selling it in the field. Unfortunately if you don’t have a means of gathering and storing your hay until winter, you can’t tap into the better prices. The orchard grass/clover mix should bring good prices on what you sell. (Both dairy farmers and horse owners in this area would be more than happy to get some for thier stock.)

    Jim, I had been thinking about getting a used tractor and hopper bottom, but with the current fuel prices I am afraid of making the investment. We have several elevators in this area who regularly contract truckers to haul grain either to river terminals, ethanol plants, or other elevators or plants (there were a few guys I know who were busy hauling to Quaker mills where the corn was made into cereal or snack food, and a few others who haul it to be made into corn starch.) The pellet fuel plant is still in the construction phase, and probably won’t be in production until sometime in May or June. Thier big hang up right now is getting contracts capable of using enough of thier potential production capacity. (The EPA and DNR haven’t put enough pressure on the coal fired electric plants to make a commitment to using the pellets to reduce emmisions. Right now they are using shredded tires mixed with the coal, but they are still having problems meeting standards. Hopefully they will when they switch over to ag residue fuel pellets.)

    Paintsmh, one of my riders was awake for about 15 miles of the trip to work this morning. After he got in the back seat, when I picked up my other rider, he was asleep in less than 10 minutes! He slept all the way to work, even with our stopping at a convenience store for drinks and snacks. (We commute about 55 miles from home to the lot, where we get our trucks and start our routes.)

    I’m glad to hear that there are still some young fellows out there who found most bars to be a waste of thier time. When I was young I went a few times, until I got loaded enough to come close to loosing my temper. Someone made me mad enough I wanted to stick his head into a beer pitcher and then use him as a dart against the dart board! Since then I might enjoy a drink or two, once or twice a year, with friends, at home.

    Joel, tell that bass boat guy that boats are just a man made hole in the water that you pitch money into and never see again. Even with what they charge you for renting, it is a lot cheaper just to rent one for a day or two, than what it is to pay for it, pay the property taxes and registration on it, plus your maintenance and upkeep.

    Take care, sorry I ran so long.

  16. Adam Says:

    None of the candidates have a clue about agriculture and its importance for us as a country. I haven’t heard them even talk about it except when they were in Iowa for the first caucus.

    At that time the only guy that seemed to know anything was Romney. With him out, it is a case of who I dislike the least. Hillary and Obama just seem so fake. I like McCain’s honesty. Guess he’ll get my vote.

    Love reading your posts. Keep it up.

  17. Kevin Says:

    I thought I would alert you, and others about a possible move by Homeland Security that could affect all of us. They are proposing to move the national Agro and Bio Lab from an island about 100 miles from New York. This lab houses viruses which could be disasterous to the livestock industry, if accidentally released. One of these viruses is Hoof & Mouth disease! Now here is the real problem with this move, they are proposing to move the lab to Kansas, Georgia, North Carolina or Florida, all states where animal production is critical to the economy. (Senator Pat Roberts, Republican, is behind moving the lab to Manhattan Kansas; home of Kansas State University. They estimate the livestock population in the immediate vicinity is approxiamately 350,000.)

    I want to urge everyone to contact thier local Farm Bureau Organization, State Ag Extension, State Veteraranian’s Office, as well as thier State and Federal Representatives to advise them that moving this Lab to the mainland is unwise, and that we oppose it.

    If you want more detailed information on this, please check the AP website for the article in today’s news. (What to me was most shocking was that Senator Pat Roberts participated in an exercise in 2002 involving the potential release of bio-toxins/viruses into the environment and the outcome was rioting in metropolitan areas due to a shortage of fresh meat, and dairy products.)


  18. mlytc Says:

    In reference to your ground an slat eggs problems, walk, walk, walk the houses. Right now, the hens are settling in as to where they are going to lay for the duration of their stay. Keep walking and pushing them to the nests, I walk mine 5-6 times a day for the first 6 weeks. It seems like overkill, but you will be surprised at what 200 or so slat and ground eggs will do to production, not to mention that the birds will begin to eat them, and then start to go into the nests after eggs. I have 4 breeder houses in south MS, so welcome to the club.

  19. joelw Says:

    I’ve been to these sales and seen used stuff bring new prices just because of the competition. Silly how grown folks act sometimes, huh?

    We’re hanging in there! Lots of work though. Got the neighbor to help me and we got the seeding done. I still need to build some silt fences, but I believe I’l have a good stand of grass by mid summer. My luck we’ll get no more rain and the grass will die. Sure hope not!
    One of the original sites this bio-lab was being considered for was right up the road. Near Somerset, Ky. I think that people spoke out enough here to keep it out of our back yard, but there is definately a strong push to get it off plum island NY. I say keep it away! This research needs to be done somewhere far away from the mainland. I don’t care what you do there will be mistakes and the consequences could be disasterous. Just this week I read about security guards sleeping on the job at a nuclear plant. Imagine if a terrorist struck a facility like Plum Island here on the mainland.
    Thaks for the comment!

    I’m leaning toward McCain myself. Obama talks a good game, but my gut says it’s just talk. It’s hard for agriculture to get much press. We’re such a small part of the population few notice. Everything agriculture is corporate now and the lobbyists work Washington. Can’t be a good scenario when you have corporations buying what they want. Thanks for the comment!

    We’re walking the houses continuosly from the time the lights come on until the eggs really slow down. Then we slack up a little only because there are other things that have to be done and by then it’s usually just me. I think the biggest part of my floor egg problem is that my service guy insisted I raise the floor drinkers to better my shavings. It helped the shavings, but it created a blockade the hens couldn’t get around to get to the nest. Every bird in the house was at the slat drinkers and it was a huge obstacle for the hens to get around. Mind if I ask who you grow for? We’re talking about doing our second set. I believe 4 will cash flow better than 2. If you’ve got any more wisdom to share feel free to send it my way! I’m new and appreciate all the help I can get! Thanks for the comment!

  20. paintsmh Says:

    Well, these were cows with pedigrees a mile deep. But the cheapest live animal was 825.00, for a week old calf, which was UGLY!!! Top cow was a yearling that brought 12k, and if they had wanted to push her they probably could have easy gotten another 1-2k. It was crazy. Cows that normally would have brough $1,500-2,000 were bringing 5-6k. It was NUTS!

  21. joelw Says:

    That wouldn’t be happening here. We are in a milk deficit area with both a Flav o rich and a Southern Belle dairy within 50 miles. Dairy farmers are getting out every day. I wanted to start a dairy instead of a poultry farm, but the extension agent here warned against it. Doesn’t seem anybody here is making money farming now except grain farmers or those with specific contracts. Agriculture is changing! I’m worried that with all the baby boomers retiring with their pensions to prop them up we’ll see more farmers who don’t need to make a living at it.

  22. paintsmh Says:

    I think our prices were so high at the college sale because NY has been doing okay for the last 15 months or so with milk prices. Last year the top cow only brought about 2,500 or so. And I picked up a devilishly nice baby for 600. But I am waiting for the bottom to fall out. People are taking too many gambles. And you’re right about the grain guys. This ethanol and all the investors getting in on futures markets is really skewing the markets.

  23. mlytc Says:

    I grow for Sanderson Farms. When I was looking at the pictures of the inside of your houses, I kind of wondered why they were making it so hard to get to the nests. Ours are placed on the edge of the slats next to the scratch, so to get from the feed lines to the scratch or vice versa, they have to pass the nests. The second set drastically improved my cash flow status. If you do add on, be sure to get the same placement date for all four, though.

  24. Jim Says:

    Well we are now farming full time.I went to the doc because my leg was falling asleep and gouing numb and was hurting like crazy,found out I have siotic nerve damage. Doc says Ill be off for 6months to a year,if it cant be fixed Ill be off for good thank god the leasing company would take the truck back with out no problems. We no have a holstein bottle calf and looking for a couple more got it for 20.00 male new born calfs go real cheap hear sometimes. going to pickup some chickens this week im thinking about 20 for now some for eggs some to breed. My work comp is paying enough to pay for the farm wife looking for a job to pay the other bill thank god they are not to much. She could have keep driving the truck but she dont like to go out by her self.I wont be able to much on the farm but supervise for a while going to bring my dad in as a partner on some hay fields we are doing for other folks.With our stuff we r cutting and what we r cutting for other folks we will be cutting about 50 acres. all square bales we will keep some for our cows and goats for the winter also will try to get some pigs soon too.if nothing else we can cut our food bill down and make some cash on the side. if i stay off a year I will probly not go back to trucking we will probly have the farm running well enough that i wont need to. we hope that is lol.the kids are real happy that we will be home to stay.we are hoping to get the garden in this week or next week.Got a deal with a guy to let his live stock run in our pasture this year in return we get a bull calf and he will fix all the fencses. I think McCain sounds like the best choice as well but im a republican so thats sort of a give me. We realy dont need anything that might make our food supply unsafe. Well see ya in the funny papers got to get some sleep.Be safe god bless. sorry to ramble.

  25. Jim Says:

    by the way how many chickens do you have now?thanx

  26. joelw Says:

    I blame alot of this on the government. Mandating ethanol be a certain pecentage of fuel has trickled down to everyone else. I think we could have handled the higher fuel prices better than we will be able to handle higher fuel and everything grain related. Can’t blame the investors for wanting to make money. It’s almost a sure thing with uncle sam behind them.

    The houses were built to Cobb spec. All the older houses have the nest on the edge of the slat. I think that’s a much better setup. They are trying to get the chickens to lay in both sides of the nest and instead have very few of them laying in the nest period. I don’t have to tell you, when the intergrator wants something they get it. I would move my nests if they would let me. Their next brain storm is to move the nest back closer to the edge of the slat, but still have the feed track between the nest and scratch. Then move the drinker to the back next to the sidewall. That’s their new spec. It may change before I get my next set. Placement date would not be the same if I do add another set. They already let me know that they want these birds on a different schedule than my current ones. We have discussed September/October as beginning the next flock.
    Glad to have you reading, make sure you check back!

    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble again. Sometimes the universe just talks to you though. This may be your opportunity to get out of trucking. I see it being very hard to make money at as time goes on. Farming is the same, hard to make a go of. If you do make it atleast you can be doing something you enjoy. Keep a close eye on that bottle baby’s poo. Lot easier to cut back on the milk at the first sign of looseness than to fight the scours. If you’re going to have many bottle babies get yourself a first aid kit together. Stock it with electrolytes and whatever is your favorite to stop the runs. I always used Kaopectate. Add some extra hens to the mix too. Putting an egg in the milk gives them that extra protien without much risk of scours. I also used browned flour to stop the scours. Never did much like the boluses(pills) the vets always recommended.
    We’re at 13787 females and 1126 males as of yesterday. We lose about 5 or so a day. The males are really aggressive and that causes a lot of it.
    With Obama’s recent comments about the working class being bitter and voting on religion and guns and immigration McCain will definately get my vote unless Hillary can somehow pull off the democratic nomination. Of course people vote on those things. That’s their right. It’s their vote. They should vote according to what they hold dearest. I’m getting the feeling that Obama is an elitist who is out of touch with small town america. Well I’ve said enough. Hang in there and thanks for the comment!

  27. Kevin Says:

    Hi Joel,

    I heard on NPR (National Public Radio) a story that came out of Kansas City concerning Bio-Diesel. It seems that at the current time about half of the bio-diesel and ethanol plants are either not producing at capacity or have moth balled themselves. The current prices of grain have made the raw materials prohibitive for producing the alcohol or oil. Now get this situation, our Federal government, in an effort to encourage the production of bio-diesel, is providing a tax incentive/federal subsidy for the blending of bio-diesel. The petroleum companies, because of the lack of production and high price of US produced soy oil is buying soy oil from South America, principally Brazil, importing it to the US, blending it, getting the tax incentive/subsidy, and then sell it to European countries, who have much tougher requirements for the use of bio-diesel than we do. (The Europeans are complaining that we are undercutting the market because of the tax incentives/subsidies for blending bio-diesel.)

    I also heard something about GM getting behind the production of oil from used tires and bio waste. We have a plant in Carthage MO which has been attempting to produce oil from the bio waste of poultry processing plants. The technology works, but the problem is that the process produces odors which are objectionable to the residents down wind of the plant. (In fact there has been lawsuits about the problem, and it has caused the plant to be idled at different times.)

    Guys, I’ll probably vote for McCain in November. I consider myself a moderate Democrat, but this year I have problems getting behind either of the two front runners, and of course the liberal wing of the party has gotten too much control anymore for my interests to be properly represented. I think you’re right about Senator Obama sticking his foot into his mouth and finally showing his hand, as an elitist. As far as Senator Clinton, she unfortunately has not shown the leadership in the Senate I had hoped for. In my opinion she has been more of the same old party line crap, and nothing new that both sides can get behind. As far as Senator McCain goes, I admire how he has endured many of the hardships in his life, and his commitment to our nation, but I also think he has tried to be too much of a concillator between the two parties and has not taken a strong stand on many major issues. If he had, he would have greater support within his party. I’m afraid this is going to be another year of trying to pick out the one who is the least objectionable to your views and opinions.

    Jim, I can relate to the sciatica pain in your leg, I’ve had it off and on for a number of years. So far I’ve been lucky and have only had an occaisional flare up that has taken me out of action a few days at a time. I’m glad to hear that the leasing company let you out of your contract. I’ve known lots of farmers who truck on the side and a number who are truckers who farm on the side and depending upon whether or not you are under contracted loads or independent it can either be a godsend or a curse. Trucking can help pay off the family farm, but it takes you away from the family and the farm, sometimes a lot more than what you want. I hope everything works out for you, and your back gets better, soon.


  28. Jim Says:

    I thank you all for your insite and words of encoragement. this is why we like to meet pepole online and cant stand the bars. I know it will be hard and things will be tough but I think we can make it I realy hope this will be the end of our trucking days. Dont get me wrong we were leased to Prime inc out of springfield,mo. they treated us like family the hole time we were there we made real good money but we had to stay out on the road a lot we missed a lot of thing with the kids. we are thinking of planting corn next year we will still do some hay as long as the prices stay up on it up to 6.00 a square bale.i heard some places are getting up to 11.00 a bale but i have not scene that yet.My back has been hurting since the wreck only time it dont hurt is when I take my pain pills wich i dont like to do but i dont like pain worse.but thay dont effect me to bad so I can still do things. I was thinking of going up to 30 hens and a couple roosters. I real would like to get a couple sows and a boar or two that would give us meat and some to sell also thinking of getting a few meat cows to breed. I would never vote clinton I dont like how she trys to act like shes a good ol boy when she is cleary not.Obama realy did show his hand this time and I think hes a real lier all he cares about is making history at one speach he said he would never send up the white flag in iraq then next speah he said he was going to end the war as soon as he took ofice,wich he knows he cant do that with out causing the whole world to turn aginst us. Also it would get a lot of our boys killed. and the ones that died for this cause would have died invain.So when these canidates say they are going to stop this war they dont know what they are talking about. I will probly be keeping up with the blog on our site about twice a month will probly check comments more so I hope to see yall on it would realy like to have your feed back also if you any of you would like to contact me in more of a private maner plez feel free to contact me a i would be glad to hear from you we. well Ive done it agine and went off on a ramble sorry i got to go for now ill talk to you all later.

  29. mlytc Says:

    Split flocks means never having a day off, ever. Sanderson has been just the opposite with me, the contractors did not get my new ones through in time, but Sanderson is working with me to get back on track with my placement at the end of this batch. My set-up is nests next to scratch with drinkers in the middle of the feeders. Another small piece of advice is to raise your scratch area drinkers so that the males are the only ones that can reach them, it will keep your shavings from caking as bad.

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