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On The Nest

Wow! What a crazy couple weeks. We have absolutely been covered in floor eggs. It seems like it may be easing up a little finally. You don’t know what a relief it is to see hens on the nest. After a couple weeks of walking the floor constantly picking up eggs maybe we are seeing some change. The majority of the floor eggs we are getting now seem to be the smaller “commercial eggs” instead of the “hatching eggs” we desire. That usually means a hen that has just started laying. We get a bonus based on hatching eggs sent to the hatchery. Our hatching eggs have to weigh atleast 52 grams. The thought behind walking the floor is the hen will find somewhere safer to lay her egg next time if she sees someone move it. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will work and we’ll have very few eggs in the floor in just a couple more weeks. The chickenhouses are taking all my time now. The lights are on for 15 hours every day now. Soon it will be 16 hours a day and then finally 17 hours a day. That doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

We got the 7010 back from the dealer with it’s new tie rod mount installed. It appears they have redesigned the mount to be much sturdier. I’m just wondering if the other side shouldn’t be changed. I was glad to see it back! Just in time for this last little cold snap. It has been in the 40′s and raining for several days now. It’s much nicer to put out hay for the cows in that nasty weather when you’ve got the cab. I’m already spoiled by the heat. I don’t like the air conditioning as much as I like the heat. I must just be cold blooded. As soon as summer gets here I’ll probably spend just as much time on the 6000 as I do the 7010.

We finally got the land we cleared last fall run over a couple times with the disc and sewn with grass seed. Now let’s all keep our fingers crossed that it comes up and gets enough rain to grow this summer. I’m hoping this is the last cold snap. This morning there was a heavy frost on my windshield at 5 am. That would not have been good for a young stand of grass. Hopefully everyone had their plants covered here. I haven’t got anything to cover for the first time in years. If I can find the time that will change. I’m hoping for sunny weather to dry out the dirt so I can till a garden spot. Several people have come by wanting gardens tilled, I just have not had the time to do it. I’m chomping at the bit to get the tiller on the 7010 with it’s low low range. It should do a really nice job.

My uncle Ralph sent us several hundred white pine trees. Somehow I have got to find the time to get them planted. I want to use them as a buffer between the log house and the chickenhouse. Well as always I’m getting nothing done sitting here so I better go. Be sure to check out the pics I’ve added.

7 Responses to “On The Nest”

  1. RevAllyson Says:

    In regards to getting the chickens to nest in the boxes instead of laying on the floors, have you tried putting wooden or \’fake\’ eggs into the boxes? We only have ten hens, so not nearly what you are doing LOL but we use the fake eggs from time to time to get them to lay in the boxes rather than on the ground.

  2. c. hurley Says:



  3. Joe Varricchio Says:

    I too loved my mahindra as I had a 3510 Was looking to upgrade to a 4510 with glass cab when my dealer wasnt giving me a good deal as i thought anyways I started looking around to my dismay i found that mahindra didn even make my was made by tym.well bought a tym 451 with 5yr standard warrantee not 3 like the mahindra 4510 but same exact tractor.Mahindra probably wont post this but thought id write anyway

  4. joelw Says:

    c hurley,
    If you’ll check out the testimonials on the Mahindra USA website I think you’ll see exactly how I feel. I really shopped before buying my first Mahindra and found them to be the best value on the market. I’ve had no trouble getting what few parts I have needed. Most parts are available within a day or two and can be drop shipped right to your door if need be. Thanks for the comment and good luck tractor shopping!

    I don’t think it’s any secret that some of the Mahindra tractors are rebranded TYMs. TYM makes some very nice tractors and most would agree that their partnership with Mahindra has helped grow their brand. I would point out that the TYM dealer network isn’t quite as established as Mahindras and a good dealer can make or break a tractor purchase. Also Mahindra offers quite a few tractors that aren’t TYMs. Only the 10 series is made by TYM and one of the 4 10 series tractors uses a Mahindra engine. Hats off to TYM for both making a very nice tractor and putting an extra 2 years on their warranty. Good luck with your new tractor! Thanks for reading and for the comment!

  5. Joe Varricchio Says:

    c.hurley as i said in an earlier post i had a mahindra 3510 with loader,soft cab for 3 years till i traded up for a hard cab. when we purchased our mahindra we were actually looking for a john deere. we bought a mahindra with loader and soft cab for a little less than the next size down deere that had no loader or cab and the mahindra came standard with rear remote hydrulics.In 3 years the only thng that went wrong with my mahindra was the seat belt wouldnt come out and dealer replaced it with no problems.I highly recomend mahindra even though i replaced it with a TYM.only thing i found with my mahindra is i thought it was light in the rear had the tires loaded and cured that problem also mahindra loaders were capable of more weight than the deeres 2000lb on mahindra verses 1600 on the same size deere loader good luck shopping

  6. Dana Galloway Says:

    This was my first visit to yur blog and found it very interesting. I have a small homestead in california, I have 3 daughters that are very involved in our lifestyle. I wanted to address to you the contact with the bears. I have bears in my yard most every night as wel as Mountain lions and every other critter that you can think of. When you were on your ride your daughter was pretty insistant that you turn around and not go past the bear cubs. She was so right and bravo to you for listening. I can tell you that once that mother saw you approching her family, you would have had your own Rodeo at hand, and it would not have been fun! Last week when we were on a ride we came across 2 bears, now our horses did not smell them, but if they had off we all would have been in trouble. THUS the importance of wearing a helmut when riding, you never know when your trusty steed is going to bolt. Take care, and have a wondeful day!!! Dana

  7. Margo Rice Says:

    I have read a lot of blogs, but I have never seen one like this. Your lifestyle is very different from mine. It is not an easy one by any means, but there is a quiet dignity in it, and something beautiful about being so close to nature day in and day out. I like the photos of your kids too (I\’m a mom). My dad has a log cabin in Ohio, and I have gone there since I was a kid. I always enjoyed fishing and hiking in the wood – poking around – even looking for snakes with the kids from neighboring farms.

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