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Natural Arch

Geuss time has gotten away from me a bit. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I had posted. Things are gradually slowing a bit with the chickens, but as it does it seems problems with help rear their ugly head. I had hoped to get away a bit, but I can’t do that if my help doesn’t show up. We only have a couple employees and one of those has managed to miss 6 of the last 12 days. Pair that with Cobb wanting the place picked up a bit because they have customer inspectors coming and it has me really busy. I’ve sold a bunch of topsoil in the last couple weeks too. The 7010 has been getting the honors of loading all of it and unloading the 30 rolls of hay I bought while the 6000 has been the mowing tractor. We’ve been trying to get all the rough stuff and weeds mowed before the photographer for Farm and Ranch Living Magazine comes. We’re set to keep a diary next month that would be published in the August/September 09 issue. That means lots of picking up to do. I just hope folks realize this is not a hobby farm. This is how we earn our living now. A working farm seems to always have something out of place.  All I know to do is keep plugging away and hopefully it will show how hard we work.

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The pad should be done this week for the second set of houses. Boy do I have cold feet. I see a major hurdle in all of this and it’s labor. By my calculations we will need a total of 6 people to take care of both sets. Atleast we are half way there. Madison has been telling me she’d rather have a big nice horse barn over there. She’s already named it. M&D Horse Company. Maybe we can do both. Madison has a nack for horses and I’d love to see her living her dream. Who knows with the Big South Fork River and Recreation Area so close maybe we could stable a few horses.

I have taken time for the kids too since school will be starting very soon. Last week we took a drive and had a picnic. I took them to Natural Arch. Natural Arch is a rock arch that my grandparents used to take us to frequently. It’s got some good picnic tables with grills and a shelter. They’ve added an outdoor pavillion since I was there last. After sandwiches we hiked out to the arch. I like to try to teach the kids about history and I find myself boring them sometimes. This trips topic was CCC. The Civilian Conservation Corp. There were a couple camps here in the county and the built roads and trails all over. In particular they built parks like Natural Arch. Just another reason I feel as though that generation was our greatest generation.

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After our picnic we drove down to Lake Cumberland to take in the sights. Makes me want a boat. Not much else to write about at the moment, but we have managed to borrow a trailer so hopefully we’ll get to take some time for horseback riding before school starts back. Be sure to check back soon and check out the pics I’ve added. Thanks for reading!

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6 Responses to “Natural Arch”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hi Joel,
    I bet while your picking up and making things look nice there is alot more work that you feel should be taking priority. I guess that is something you got to go through for the inspection. I hope they are as impressed with your work and dedication as your blog readers are. Not many farms I know of are always well groomed and picked up if they are used to make a living. I am sure you will get through it just fine though.
    I am working to get assigned to Knox so I can find a place to settle down. The Hardin/Grayson county areas look inviting if only I can get this assignment worked out. I will be getting a short break in Oct and hope to drive aroung looking at a few small farms in that area. If I was already there I would let you borrow my boat since it has not seen the water more than 15 times in the past 7 years. I think one boat is enough for 4 or 5 families to share since like everything else there just doesn’t seem to be enough time get things done.
    Good luck on getting good help. With the downturn of the economy you’d think more people would be looking for work. Probably like my grandpa always told me though “everybody that really wants to work will find a job”. Trouble is alot of people either don’t want to work or feel they are too good to do alot of the jobs that need done.
    Take care,

  2. Kyle Says:

    I think with Farm and Ranch, it takes a few months to get a diary in an issue. The one I have now has April/May diaries in it. So dont be expectant.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Hi Joel,

    Glad to hear that you and your family are doing well. It is really good when you can enjoy a day trip away from the farm with the kids. Even a trip to a nearby park can be a memory they keep with them for years.

    Too bad about the help on the farm situation. I was wondering if Cobb and the growers had ever thought about using Cobb’s resources to assist the growers in locating help. As a large corporation they could set up a program where that the extra applicants they get could be refered to contract growers, and the growers would then select potential employees either from the list they are given, or from individuals who apply directly to them.

    I had to attend a funeral Saturday for one of my Aunts. Martha was 77, and had heart surgery about two weeks before she passed away. While I was down there I had intended on taking some pictures with my cell phone of the sceneary and the old farmstead where my Dad lived for his teenage years. Hopefully I will have a chance to do it this Fall.

    One of the women who deliver my mail, and her daughter made a deal with me. They would mow my lawn in exchange for one of my old cars. At first they wanted a ’92 Isuzu Amigo, but I think I have them convinced in taking a ’92 Pontiac Bonneville that I got for my nephew. (My brother talked me out of giving it to him, because Jason and his wife are financially strapped, and another car would only be more bills that they can’t afford. They tend to spend without staying on a budget.) The Isuzu is going to need a new hydralic clutch installed, a catlytic converter, and it has an electrical problem that has plagued it ever since I got it. I told them that while the Pontiac will need almost as much in repairs to make it pass inspection at least it doesn’t have the electrical problem and should be much more dependable.

    And so it goes. The weather here has turned out to be pleasant for late August. Depending on who you listen to it is either going to be dry through Labor Day, or else it is going to rain the end of this week. Then they are undecided on the temps; some of them say we might have a day or two with highs in the low 90′s and others are saying it will stay in the 80′s.

    Take care, and look over that 2816! It might not be as big a tractor as what I would want, but from what you say you are wanting a small tractor more for a lawn mower/loader than anything else. (The dealer in Hopkinsville KY had one advertised in “Tractor House”.)


  4. pattie Says:

    this is a great website. A little to much to read, but ok. Any advice for a first time buyer of a farm? I notice you have children. 0ine are grown. so I am looking for something my husband and I can enjoy. we have been married since 17 so hard work doesn\’t scare us. I applaud your all your hard work. It showa in your email and I know how had you work to keep this going. Once again any advice will be appreciated. Pattie future farmer

  5. admin Says:

    Glad to have you reading! I try to post a couple or three times a month. Been doing this a while now is why it seems like a lot. Have you considerd getting goats? I like my goats. They are easier to handle than cattle and help you clean up all the unwanted brush and briars. Best advice I ever got about farming was make sure you have the pasture fenced before you get the animals. Should have listened! Seems foolish, but I actually had cows before I got all my fencing done. Thanks for the comment! Feel free to ask any questions you might have when you get your farm going!

  6. Cheryl Says:

    I\’m sooooo jealous! But, good for you! Keep on truckin…ah, tracktorin! :)

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