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Stretched Thin

Wow, can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted. I’m sure those of you who follow regularly have wondered how BJ is doing. First off I want to thank all of you who said a prayer and sent well wishes. She’s getting better slowly. At her last doctors appointment she was finally allowed to get out of her braces for a few hours at a time. I’m very grateful to the doctors at the University of Kentucky for all their skill and compassion. I’m sure Bj would agree with me when I say she couldn’t have been treated better. The last couple months have been awfully rough on all of us, but more so on BJ. She has had to have on a back brace and a cervical collar any time she was out of the bed at all. I am now thoroughly convinced that she’s a lot tougher than me.

Seems when it rains it pours. As if Bj’s accident wasn’t enough to slow us down. We’ve had a bit of tractor trouble. One of the wheels supplied to Mahindra by Titan for the 7010 developed cracks all around the lug holes. I was going to be without the 7010 for about a week so I had a neighbor weld in the cracks so we could keep going until the replacement came. Good thing too, because I had finally put the 6000 in the shop to have the clutch replaced and the next day the loader curl cylinder started leaking on the 3316 HST. Without the 7010 in limp mode I would have had no tractors. I loaned the 6000 to a friend when it had about 200 hours on it and he ruined the clutch pushing trees down. Through adjustment and being careful I was able to make it last almost another 800 hours, but during the chickenhouse cleanout it got used a lot and it was getting bad. I’m still waiting on a replacement cylinder or a repair kit for the 3316 HST. Hopefully Mahindra will get me one soon.

107_3710 by you.

The second set of chickenhouses seems to have sprung up from the ground like a spring flower. I know it’s been a couple of months, but it seems like just yesterday we started the actual building. Now the builders are finishing up and the equipment and electrical has started. Cobb is pushing for a disinfect date of April 20. I feel confident my part will be done, but the equipment install is going to be too close to call. The 7010 has found itself in the role of a forklift just about everyday as the equipment shows up. The more I use it the more I like the fact that it is so compact for a 70+ hp tractor. It fits my needs perfectly! Some of the equipment installers mentioned to me that they were considering a Mahindra for their farm and that using the 7010 has removed any doubt they might have had about the quality of these tractors.

107_3716 by you.

Spring has sprung, leaving us baby goats and thunderstorms. The goats are cute as can be, but I can do without storms like the one we had a couple weeks back that blew off part of the barn roof and took out 3 or 4 large oaks. Somehow during all the madness here we found time to get to a special cow sale up in Somerset Ky.. I picked up 4 more bred cows. 3 of those have 200-300 pound calves by their side. All are black except one and she’s a big red cow. The heifer we had from the last red cow is just so beautiful I couldn’t resist buying another. The steer born to our hereford cross cow last year is set for a date with the butcher on May 20th. The pigs are growing by leaps and bounds and they too will soon meet the butcher or find a new home. They have done a wonderful job of making all our scraps, feed spills, and broken eggs disappear. Part of our spring seed order arrived today and the rest is scheduled to ship on the 20th. Everyone here thinks I’ve gone a bit overboard this time. I have strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, rasberries, grapes, and apple, pear, peach, and mulberry trees all on the way.

107_3672 by you.

107_3720 by you.

Well like always there is lots of work to do so I’ll get to it. Be sure to check back, I think this is going to be an exciting year here on the farm. Don’t forget to take a peak at the pics I’ve added and thanks for reading!

6 Responses to “Stretched Thin”

  1. paintsmh Says:

    Man you guys have been so busy! Life is insane at times isn’t it? I hope BJ continues to improve. Scary times.

  2. Kyle Says:

    How come I never saw your diary in Farm&Ranch? The one I just got is in the Oct. diaries. Did you end up being put in there or taken out?

    Wow, life is rough, scary, and busy. Nice to see you guys are still pulling through. More speedy recovery to BJ. Take care!


  3. Kyle Says:

    By the way, as you get a few 1500 chicks at a time, we’re getting 68 more next Monday. Lot’s of preparation just for that!


  4. Jim Says:

    Hey man great to see things are ok awsome that B.J. is jetting better too. nice to see you back thought for shore you was going to end the blog since you was so busy and you hadnt posted in such a long wile. But I think we can all under stand how busy you have been too. We are so busy its unreal my dad bought a new oliver square bailer this week so i had to pich it up and had to order a tube for his H then we are feeding calvs and getting stuff together for 4h for the kids plus all the stuff for school and of course baseball seasons here and i have three in that too also trying to get things to gether for the turkeyes to get here next week and we will end up ordering chickens cause a stray dog killed all but 5 hens and 0ne roster thats messed up but he got hitr by a car the morning he wipped out our birds so all is ok now lol. boy im ri=atteling off agin lol well need to vist with Carla my wife some she was home for easter and has to go back to work tuesday so ill let you go happy easter to all i hope bj keeps doing well too and god bless you all hope you and the kids are all ok and stay very well. best wishes for all 7c’s farm

  5. Kevin Says:

    Hi Joel, and everyone!

    Glad to see that BJ is doing better, and hopefully will be fully recovered soon. Too bad your so busy, but it is like that on the farm. I know what you are saying about the equipment woes, sometimes even the best built equipment has problems.

    I had an accident with a deer the morning of the 11th. I was headed to work at 2:45 AM and was exiting off of a metropolitan interstate onto a city street when the deer ran out in front of me. The accident damaged the front bumper cover, the hood, the grill, a fog lamp, and pushed the top radiator support bracket back into the engine. The body shop estimated the damage at $3700.00, the insurance company estimated the car at $2260.00. The body shop said they also thought that the intake manifold had been cracked because the car wouldn’t restart after they got it into the shop, so it was a total loss. I am trying to work out a deal with one of my neighbors to buy a car that they have. It is older, but it has been very well taken care of and looks almost new.

    My brother sold one of his acreages and decided to sell his tractor and equipment. He said the equipment brought what he thought it should have, but the tractor wound up being a “no sale”. The top bid was $1800.00. (It is a Massey Ferguson 135, 1963 model.) It is a good sized tractor for a small acreage, or for utility tractor to use for light work. Unfortunately everyone seems to want one with power steering and a loader, or they want a newer tractor with 4wd.

    Well, I’ve got some errands to run before I go to work this afternoon. Take care, and try to enjoy life!

  6. zevyDerypoors Says:

    Authentic words, some authentic words dude. Totally made my day!

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