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Where do I start?

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

So much has transpired since my last post I don’t know where to start. Probably the best place to start is with pictures. It has been too long for me to get everything we’ve had happen in a post. I’ll try to hit the most important parts and you can feel free to ask questions. I’ll even promise to do my best to answer them.

Bj is doing alot better, but I’m afraid she probably won’t ever be back to gathering eggs. She has lost a significant amount of the grip in her left hand. Other than that she seems to be pretty much back to normal. Unfortunately normal hasn’t been too good since her first accident at 14. She is trying to find a pain management doctor that will help her with her pain, but at the same time not pump her full of medicine she doesn’t need. I can only imagine what it must be like for people with chronic pain to walk the tightrope between help and addiction.

We all have worked non stop to get the second set of houses ready for chickens, but most importantly to start getting paid. Our hard work seems to be paying off. We now have around 30,000 clucking chickens here on the farm. Really since the birds came for the second set I have been able to relax just a bit. With the contract signed and the loan out of the way I can concentrate more on running the business and less on making sure everything that has to be done is done to suit me. The most difficult thing in all this is getting everyone to do what they are supposed to.

101_3831 by you.

School will be out for the summer in just a week or so. The kids can’t wait! I think they plan to go to the McCreary County Museum’s Learning Center quite a bit this summer. Don’t know if that’s to get out of working in the chickenhouses and garden or not. Who am I kidding of course it is! So long as they learn something I geuss it’s okay. They have helped me quite a bit around the place since Bjs accident and really deserve a break. Kaylee made the high school cheer team for the second year in a row so it won’t be too long til her days will be filled with cheer and dance routines. Garett is becoming really interested in all different types of things from the paranormal to ATVs. This afternoon he is watching a program on The Discovery Channel about how long things would last after man was gone. Madison and I are seriously shopping horse trailers. I just can’t find what I want used so I’ll most likely buy a new 16 ft Ponderosa horse/stock combo. I’ve promised her we will do more horseback riding this summer. I didn’t realize it until Bj brought it to my attention just the other day, but Katie (my oldest) has been living with us for over a year now. BJ has been urging me to go to court and try to get custody of her again, but I just hate to spend the money on an attorney. On the other hand I don’t think it’s right to pay $385 a month child support for a child who lives with me either.

I’ve had a chance to put almost 100 hours on the 3316HST. I really like the little tractor. I’m really surprised at what it will lift. The backhoe isn’t too shabby either. It’s not going to dig like a commercial hoe but heck for $6000 it was well worth it. We joke all the time about how a shovel doesn’t fit my hands anymore. I seem to find a way to use the backhoe for everything I had to use a shovel for before. So far my only problem with it has been a weeping cylinder that was replaced under warranty. I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the 7010 and it’s wheels. So far I have cracked 4. All have been replaced under warranty, but it’s still an inconvenience. My dad and I had some collars built and put them on the wheels in hopes of stopping any that may crack in the future. Still no problems with the 6000. While working on the new rebranded TYM Mahindra we both commented to each other about how well the “pink” tractor has held up. Aside from the clutch job the 6000 has not seen the dealer for going on 6 years. It’s also obvious looking at the 2 tractors how much heavier built the 6000 is than the 7010. The wheels on the 6000 are 8 lug and over 10 mm thick on alot bigger axle while the 7010 wheels are only 6 lug, 8 mm thick, and on a much smaller axle. The two tractors weigh in roughly the same. I love the size of the 7010 and it’s done everything I have asked of it. For some reason I just long for a bit bigger tractor with more horsepower and would even like to see a few more creature comforts in the cab. Some cool t shirts to wear to show my Mahindra pride would be good too!

I geuss it’s official that we are a farm. The highway department came and put up a tractor sign on the side of the road leading to the farm. We’ve all made jokes about how we’ve hit the big time now with a farm sign. It may be the only farm sign in this whole county! Good to know I’m getting a little bit of my tax money back in a round about way.

IMG_0002 by you.

Well by now you know I always have tons to do so I better get at it! Be sure to check back and feel free to comment on the pics I’ve added!

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