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Life Happens

It seems every time I sit down to write something goes awry. Hopefully things will lighten up a bit now that the farm is full of chickens. It’s always the hardest through the cleanouts. There is continuosly something to repair or replace. Our wash crew certainly doesn’t help matters either. They do not care about your equipment. They are just here to get their job done and get out. 2 years in a row now I have had terribly high water bills due to them leaving the water on and driving away. They break things and walk away. I honestly believe my kids could do a more respectable job.

Life hasn’t exactly been a peach away from the farm either. My mother was awakened one evening by a young woman claiming to be her granddaughter. I can only imagine how my mother must have felt when the girl proclaimed “you are my grandma”. The young woman is 15 and her mother had just recently told her that I am her father. Why anyone would keep a secret like that for 15 years is hard to comprehend. I remember casually dating the mother all those years ago, but never dreamed anything like this was in the cards. I worked away then and only came home every other weekend or so and the relationship just never took off. She married a complete loser while I was still away and everyone was always told he was the father. Now I find myself dealing with this young woman, who may or may not be my child; her crazy mother; and the thug husband. Throw into the mix that the mother and husbands family both are nuts and you have yourself one hoot of a good time. Destiny is the childs name and as I’m sure you can imagine by now she has some issues she’s having a tough time dealing with. She’s a very rebellious child and she does not want to attend school. The truancy and the fact that her mother isn’t, well for the lack of better words, stable, has landed her in the custody of the state. The local district judge has ordered a dna test, but months into this mess it still has not been performed. It’s almost like they have the child and plan to keep her until she is able to take care of herself. I’m not sure what my plan of action is for this mess just yet, but as of right now there seems to be very little I can do.

Aside from all the bickering and fighting we’ve found time to accomplish a few things. Kaylee’s cheer squad competed in the Can Am Nationals in Myrtle Beach S.C.. That was a welcome break for almost a week. The kids and I played on the beach and in the pool most of the time. My favorite part though is eating at all the good restaraunts and visiting the shops. Bj, Garett, Madison, Katie, and I took in Ripley’s Aquarium and ate at Joe’s Crab Shack at Broadway on the Beach. After 5 days though I’ll admit I was glad to be back home.


Seems like it completely skipped spring again and went straight to summer. I have run from spot to spot tilling with the 7010. I took the backhoe off the 3316 HST and put my layoff plow on it. It puts the rows at just the right distance apart and keeps them a lot straighter than when I use a hoe or tiller. We’ve been busy as beavers getting things planted. The kids want to try their hand at selling vegetables at the farmers market this summer. If the farmers market is going to be something we do every year I am going to pick up a Keulavator hiller and cultivator setup from Agri Supply. I got their catalog in the mail last week and have not been able to put it down. So far we have over 200 pounds of potatoes planted along with cabbage, brocolli, peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Some time soon we’ll get the green beans in the ground. Madison is really getting on to me about a horse trailer. She does not want to be sidelined another summer. The kid loves horses and I have got to find time to get her out and on the trails. Garett has decided to play little league baseball this summer so he’s been busy practicing almost every night. Katie has decided she wants me to take her grandmother back to court for custody of her. So we’ll start that process shortly. On her last visit to the dentist they referred her to have her wisdom teeth cut out. She ran around for a few days looking like a chipmunk but all went well. Now she is getting braces. Last month she got the top ones installed and this month she’ll get the bottoms.


One morning this week I had a flat on my truck so I had to come out of the chicken houses and plug it. While I was out I heard chainsaws running toward the back side of the property. Knowing all to well how easily someone else can rob you of timber I made my way around the property line to find pink ribbons tied in the trees about 1000 yards across my property line. The timber cutters had not crossed my line so I took all the pink ribbons down and showed them the red paint that marks the line. I’m sure a day or 2 later and I would have had a real problem on my hands. Just one more thing I have to get done, freshen up the paint on the property lines.This Easter was an absolutely beautiful one. The whole family attended church at Bethel Baptist Church. I got to see some of my relatives I haven’t seen in a while. Most notably my cousin Johnathan and his son Jackson. I don’t see Johnathan, or Smith, as my great uncle Pete used to call him much. He was Smith and I was Jones. I’ll never forget how we used to run this farm with our sticks and pocket knives. Ready for whatever great adventure found us next. Whatever it was we could climb it, shake it, skin it, or chase it. Well atleast we thought we could. Smith and Jones 2 great pioneers. I never knew why uncle Pete called us Smith and Jones and I guess now I never will. I do know that I was truly blessed to have the childhood I had here and I pray my kids look back as fondly as I do.

Well I’ve taken enough of your time. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the pics! God bless!     




4 Responses to “Life Happens”

  1. Zach Haas Says:

    Hi there again, I totally understand the life happens thing. I came home this weekend off the 18 wheeler and cranked up the pickup to have it knocking like a sonvagun, thought i threw a rod but come to find out the flywheel bolts were loose so after an entire weekend plus mothers day lol of working on the pickup (dropping tranny and transfer case and all that entails and putting it back together) I should be able to finish it up next weekend when i get in again because i have to get a lil part that i broke and fresh oil to put back in it. So basically I hear ya man but we all gotta “keep on truckin” if ya know what I mean.
    On my earlier comment a while back you asked how I like trucking and tbh I love it but I am not a family man, was with a girl and almost had a step daughter but she decided I wasnt for her so what I am saying is trucking is a good life but hard on family. I make ok money as a company driver but it takes around 2 years to work up to making decent money and it is like everything else its just getting harder and harder, more rules and regulations are gradually putting us out of profitable business in more ways than one. Take it for what its worth there is my .02 lol

  2. susan Says:


    I enjoyed reading parts of your blog. Sounds like you are a busy man. So are you single and do you do this all by yourself. I was interested in hearing about your daughter\\\’s love of horses. I am a country girl and have horses as well. They have been one of my passions since childhood, but did not get my first horse until 1985 and have had them ever since. I live in Colorado, but love Kentucky. I grew up in Ohio and lived most of my adult life in PA where my children still reside. I have a married daughter and a single son and I miss them alot. You seem like a wonderful man and a great father. Well don\\\’t know when you will get this, maybe not til springs as busy as you are. lol Take care. Susan

  3. LauraLeigh Says:

    Wow! You have your plate full, that\’s for sure! I am from Indiana. I was raised in the country, but could have only dreamed of being a farmers daughter:)You know, your a lucky man to have such a big family & to be able to farm on your family\’s land, that rocks! I was looking at land, and somehow came across your article. I was intrigued by it, and just wanted to say that even though you have never met me before, thanks for being such a hard worker!

  4. Toni Says:

    How refreshing to read. I loved the photos of your family and I know your children will have many happy memories and joyful stories to share with their children. You are a wonderful Dad for keeping them grounded in the things that really matter!

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