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What A Year

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

I apoligize for my long absence. It just seems I never have time to write anymore. It’s been a good year for life on the farm! Looking back I have to say I spent way too much time working though. I like to work, especially on the farm, and it’s very difficult for me to put that aside to tend to other more personal things. We have accomplished so much this past year. Garett and Madison are now the proud owners of a tree mansion. It’s an 8×8 house with a 10×10 deck built around a tree. It turned out absolutely marvelous. We have planned for a year now to start a small rabbit operation. I built a 8×12 concrete floored building that we intend to fill with Bass Stack-A-Hutches. I designed it so we can take all the droppings from the pans and dump them into a wheelbarrow and wheel them right out either to a compost pile or to our next venture, a night crawler bed. Somehow we found the time and money to get woven wire fencing up all around the kudzu patch we have been trying to control since we bought the farm. My great uncle Pete set kudzu, or as we affectionately call it foot a day vine, out to control erosion. I’m currently in the process of getting woven wire up around an area of the farm that has a big rock shelter in the center of it. My hope is to keep the underbrush down with goats so my kids can play there like I did when I was a child. It will also serve as a great place for the goats to retreat to on both hot summer days and cold windy winter days. A natural barn of sorts. We finally got a few fruit trees out this year too!


I have also turned my attention to the inside of the log house. We layed creek rock over the existing brick on the fireplace and the chimney in the kitchen. I love the rustic look it’s given the cabin. I’ve put in a field stone walkway to the back deck also and put creek rock on the blocks that form the foundation of the front porch. It seems at one time my great uncle was trying to take the old place in a more modern direction. Not me, I’m going back to 1939 and using as much from that era as possible. Hopefully soon I will be able to find an old barn in need of a different life. When I do I would like to put weathered barn siding on the interior walls.

Back to the farm, our 4 cows all calved this year with beautiful black calves. Unfortunately we lost 1 calf early on. I think the cow has mastitis. I’m very happy with the Angus bull we purchased young and waited for him to grow into our operation. Hopefully this year I can add atleast 5 more cows to the herd. We didn’t have a very good year with the goats. My herd is getting old and we plan to replace some of them when we can get some more fencing done. Being so busy this year we haven’t been able to find time to ride the horses one single time. That’s very depressing. Madison loves her horse and has a burning desire to ride. I’ve kicked around building her a round pen as a Christmas gift. That would give her a place I feel safe about letting her ride without being right there with her. She has a real nack for riding and is by no means a novice. I don’t want to see her lose the skill she has already developed.

I’m glad to report that I’m still having very very few problems with the tractors. I did have a 4wd issue with the 7010 but the dealer fixed it under warranty at no charge. Seems the gear in the transmission that engages 4wd ground the teeth off. They had the tractor about a week, but it’s as good as new now. I’ve kicked around buying a new 8560 cab but I just really don’t have a need for one. I think my next purchases will be a square baler and some hay wagons. I’d also like to pick up a Keulavator hiller and cultivator setup from Agri Supply to use with the 3316 HST. Hopefully this is the year we get the market garden going. I’d also like to find a decently priced disc and 2 bottom plow.

Lately I’ve become addicted to Facebook. I’ve caught up with a bunch of old buddies and I set up a page for the farm. It’s so convenient to keep in touch with friends and family, especially now that I’ve lept into the tech age with an andriod powered cell phone. I have everything linked right to my phone. The whole world is now literally at my fingertips. I also setup a You Tube account where I will be adding video from the farm. I’ve thought about starting a twitter account too.

Well I’ve run long and won’t keep you any longer. Be sure to take a peek at our new pics and check back soon. I promise I won’t wait so long to post again! Here’s hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks so much for reading!

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