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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

I apoligize for my long absence. My personal life has become a bit of a trainwreck. Somehow I’ve found myself single and sharing a home with my parents at 37 years old. I try to tell myself things could be much worse…and honestly they could be much worse. It’s never easy sharing a home with mom and dad at 37 though. Just seems that everything happens at once. My mother’s health is failing, my dad has finally retired, and my long term on again-off again relationship with Bj finds itself off again. Somehow in this twisted mess the children seem to be thriving. My mom and dad finally decided to call the farm home again and that makes for a very good support system. There is so much that my parents can teach them.

I look around me at all that goes on and even I wonder, how did I accomplish all this? Somehow I’ve managed to build this farm into what it is today while raising some of the most intelligent, beautiful, witty, and talented children ever. Children you don’t see talking all day on a cell phone or lugging around an Ipod. They enjoy technology, but I’ve not let them forget what’s really important in life. I’ve tried to instill in them this love of the land, the animals, the old folks, and the old ways.

Garett started taking allergy injections about 18 months ago and has absolutely come out of his shell. The child who spent most of his childhood inside is now, all boy. He never misses a baseball game, a fishing trip, a bike ride, or a trip to the waterpark. I so enjoy tossing baseball, gardening, and just hanging out with him.

Madison is doing well also. She’s a well rounded child, very much a tom boy. It’s so exciting for me because she is very interested in the farm. I’m thinking she might be the one to keep this place going when I’m gone. It’s so cool to see her saddle up and ride her horse, to see her excitement when there are new arrivals to the farm, to watch her run barefoot in the freshly tilled soil.

Katie and Kaylee both are well rounded children too. However they are teenagers and have discovered they really don’t need dad, unless of course it’s to pay the cell phone bill or drive them to some must attend function. They’ve discovered boys now and dad seems to be the foe more than the friend. It’s okay, I know there will come a time when I’m needed again. I know first hand it’s not really that easy being a teenager.

The farm is growing by leaps and bounds. We’ve had two very rewarding years that have allowed us to improve and expand. I’ve worked hard, but the light at the end of the tunnel is now brighter than ever. Our herd of cattle has grown to 16. It will soon be time to sell off some of this years calves and invest in more. We have had 9 calves born on the farm this year. 20 seems to be a good round number for a small herd. I’ve given up some of my hay ground in an attempt to free up time. I’m still going to be doing atleast 100 rolls and considering squares seriously. I’ve talked to Farm Credit about financing for a new square baler. It’s hard to pass up these low interest rates. My Mahindra dealer picked up the Massey Ferguson line a couple years ago and I’ve been kicking the tires on an 1837 small square baler ever since. It would be great to have squares put up for the horses. They tend to waste a lot of hay, but I don’t complain for fear of colic. Besides the goats don’t seem to mind leftovers. It’s amazing the job the goats have done cleaning up the area we refer to as the soup bowl. We’ve finally finished the fencing around the cliff areas and in just a few weeks they have made a big dent on the briars and undergrowth.

All the tractors are doing great. I’ve decided to put the 6000 up for sale. If it doesn’t sell by spring of next year I plan to trade it in on a smaller 4035 PST. I’m very intrigued by the PST transmission and hope to get to demo one. It seems it would be a perfect fit for working with litter in and around the chickenhouses. We have developed a system that has eliminated all but just a little of the physical labor during cleanout. By using the 3316 HST to move 3 slats at a time into piles of 6 I’ve cut the time expended by about a third. The 7010 has a tough time maneuvering in the houses because of the cab. That leaves using using the 6000 inside and it too is a bull in a china shop. Long term I hope to add an 8560 cab to the fleet for rolling hay and pulling a lime/litter spreader. Recently I stumbled onto an old list I had made of things I needed to take the farm in the direction I wanted. The only things missing were a new square baler and a V rake. Now if I could just stumble onto an old “to do” list maybe I could mark some things off.

Well I won’t keep you….please be sure to check out our more recent pics and leave comments so I’ll know someone is still there to read! Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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