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Maiden Voyage

A few weeks back we picked up a cheap 1982 Chevrolet litter spreader truck. After towing the truck 3 hours we (mostly my dad) have worked almost every day trying to get it ready for the upcoming house cleanouts. We’ve replaced the back brake shoes, brake lines, master cylinder, plugs, wires, and coil. We also cleaned the carburetor, took a couple links out of the drive chain, and swapped out the seat. We’re a long way from done, but we did get a chance to see how it was going to work out. Our first attempt went pretty well aside from my major concern. I had pushed for a buggy type spreader to be pulled behind one of the tractors because I was concerned a truck wouldn’t navigate our hilly terrain very well. The truck spreads great, but with just a little spinning of the tires it buried itself to the axle. After a couple chains and tethering the 7010 and the 6000 to the truck we finally got it unstuck. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my day, but now we all know what we are up against. Looks like our next step is some more agressive tires. It did make for a lot of laughing at ourselves and some interesting pictures and video!

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