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Dull boy

They say all work and no play makes Joel a dull boy, so I’ve taken the time to have a little fun lately. As I always say though, fun comes at a price, and the price has been finding myself with even less time to get things on the farm done. I’ll say it’s worth it though. I had the opportunity to catch the first concert I’ve been to in a very long time. We had absolutely amazing seats to see Miranda Lambert at The Arena in Corbin, Ky.. It was great to relax for a change. We had a nice dinner at Applebees and even dropped by Cumberland Falls to see the falls by moonlight. I’ll say everything just clicked. The music was wonderful. Along with Miranda Lambert we saw James Wesley. James Wesley sings “Real” which Katie says reminds her of me. He’s coming out with a new single “Walking Contradiction”. It’s a good tune, but “Didn’t I” is still my favorite from him.

In addition to the concert I took an evening and attended my 20 year high school class reunion. I’ll say that if your 20 year high school class reunion doesn’t make you feel old I don’t know what does, besides maybe your 25th. The only good I see out of getting older is that you get to see your children grow and mature. Along those lines, Garett has grown up enough that he is becoming really interested in hunting. We’ve been taking a few mornings this month to head out after bushytails. In this part of the country Gray Squirrels were once a staple of folks diets. I’ll never forget hunting these tree dwellers with my grandfather. Here in Southeastern Ky. there wasn’t many deer until recent years so small game like squirrels and rabbits were very sought after. Times have changed a bunch since my grandpas day. Then everyone hunted and supplemented what they grew or raised with wild game. I’ll never forget granny making fried rabbit with gravy, eggs, and biscuits for breakfast.

Madison is back to basketball full swing. Shes’ practicing 5 nights a week unless she has a game. She plays point guard, and I’m impressed with how she’s developing. I wish I had more time to work with her. For now I guess I’ll leave it to the coaches and camps. Both my younger kids seem to be hitting the stage where they don’t value dads advice much. It’s tough being dad, but we’ll work through it.

Turning to all things farm…I managed to pickup a pretty nice used square baler. We were all set to spring for a new Massey Ferguson inline baler, but somehow I just couldn’t swallow the prices. We ended up with a nice New Holland 570. It’s plenty fast enough for me. I actually enjoy square baling hay with the 570 behind the 7010 cab. I was concerned that the 7010 was a bit underpowered in the summer with the AC cranking, but I was pleasantly surprised. A little swaying form the plunger, but other than that you can get a huge amount baled and never break a sweat. I’ve finished with all my gardening for the year so we’ve hooked the backhoe back to the 3316 HST in preparation for a renovation project on my grandpas old spring and putting in some new water spickets around the farm. Now if I can just find the time. I’ve stewed over holding on to the 6000 or trading/selling it and finding something a little smaller and more agile for about a year now. I’d really like to have a bigger backhoe too. I can’t help but believe with intrest rates as low as they are at the present now is the time to trade/buy. Depending on our tax situation this year I can start seriously talking to dealers about an 8560 cab somewhere in the November to January time frame.

Well as always I better be getting back to work. If you haven’t already, be sure to add me on Facebook. Just look for Combs Farms and send me a friend request. I’ll be adding more pics to the Flickr site as I get time, but you can usually get them quicker on Facebook. Thanks for reading and God Bless!

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